Inheritance + Innovation Huai’an successfully ranks among the "World Food"

Original title: After the Yangzhou, Huai’an successfully ranked among the "World Cuisine", "Jiangsu Flavor" Xiangfu International November 8, UNESCO announced that Jiangsu Huai’an is elected as "Global Creative City Network – Gourmet "He became the 5th entrance of China after Chengdu, Shunde, Macau, Yangzhou, China. At this point, China’s "top" food layout, Jiangsu accounted for 2/5, "Huai" and "Yang" in Huaiyang Cuisine and "Yang" have also obtained the international "official certification" and work together. Why did Jiangsu taste a repeated international certification? What is the meaning of the "food capital"? How to nourish the city’s soft strength with "food"? Recently, the reporter visited the "Huai" "Yang" two places, feel the charm of authentic food, capturing the "fireworks life" of the local live color.

Inheritance + innovation, Shenchu ??5 years later won the "International Certification" of the world, Huai’an street, oil-removed tea is bright, hot, warm, countless people’s stomach. "We don’t have a peak season, off-season, there are business in four seasons, recently innovative development of seaweed tea, etc. Yue Yunfei, started a busy day at 3 o’clock in the morning. He is 19 years old and follows his father to learn to make tea, and nearly 60 is still sticking every day, a furnace – ingredients, and face, look, fold, open, scratches, bar, disc … … there are dozens of processes, there are quad how to pay attention, finger, strength, oil temperature loss, the taste of the scorpion, the shape is a thousand miles. In Yue Yunfei, Huai’an Tea "The secret of" Changsheng "is inheriting and innovating, on the one hand, sticking to the traditional skills, holding the" original original taste "; on the other hand, active integration in terms of flavor, brand publicity Innovation, traditional cuisine constantly "out" can always be youth.

In recent years, with the rise of Huai’an food industry and the vigorous development of tourism, "Huai’an Tea" gradually walked on the road of branding, the scale of the industry, and emerged from Yue Jia Tea, Kangdo Food, Drum Tower. Many tea production companies such as food. According to incomplete statistics, only Huai’an District, the enterprise and merchants engaged in tea business, with more than 200 related practitioners, and more than 50 million yuan in industrial output.

Huai’an tea is just an example of numerous Huai’an cuisine.

According to statistics, Huai’an has more than 1,300 categories of Huaiyang vegetables, 298 dishes, cooking technologies, selected provincial non-legacy books, which is the most in the country.

"Shenchuang world food capital, we have worked hard for 5 years." Huai’an "Food Capital" Shenchuang Work Leading Group Office, Deputy Director, said that in 2017, Huai’an established the business of the leader of the mayor. Create a working mechanism. With "Huai’an Flavor" as the media, more people cross the language, the national boundaries, and understand China on the tongue. In recent years, Huai’an went to more than 20 countries and regions to carry out food promotion, through "going out", "please come in", "cloud interaction", and deepen communication with "Capital" City.

Huai’an’s success is because of the appearance of "hard indicators", Huai’an also built a national first Huaiyang Cuisine Museum, with full development of food industry; with an angry gourmet, a large number of traditional restaurants and chefs Have local self-produced traditional cooking ingredients, retain traditional cooking methods and methods; organizing food festivals, cooking competitions, etc. Ambienced and promoting the sustainable development of local products … These are all "World Food Capital" selection attention the key of. In addition, Huai’an has 129 geographic logo trademarks represented by "盱眙盱眙盱眙", "Huai’an Red Pepper", successfully held 12 China Huaiyang Cuisine Culture Festival, 20th China · 盱眙 International Lobster Festival, 15 China Hongze Lake International Hanzi Crab Festival, held 3 consecutive China (Huai’an) International Food Expo, created a number of national "first" and "unique".

In 2020, the total number of food enterprises in the whole market was sold over 40 billion yuan.

"Gourmet +" into the "new forces" data of the zone economy show that the food production value of Huai Safety has exceeded 100 billion yuan.

As of the end of 2020, there were more than 40,000 catering stores in the city, with more than 250,000 employees, and the dining year sales of 21 billion yuan. It is worth mentioning that the promotion of the fishing also lake, Huai’an is helping Hongze Lake 100,000 fishermen to go through the shore; the articles of lobster rich people also do more, Huai’an has played a $ 2.15 billion lobster brand value Advantage, there are more than 3,000 lobster chain, 200,000 people in the city are engaged in related industries, and more than 20,000 low-income residents benefit.

The same is the world’s food culture, Yangzhou food culture also has a deep historical accumulation. As the fourth year of 2019, the 4th City, which was awarded the title of "World Cuisine", which was "World Food", which was awarded by UNESCO. Global cooperation opportunities.

Yangzhou has more than 20,000 food and food processing and manufacturing enterprises, driving 52 food intangible cultural heritage projects such as employment, Fuchun refreshment production skills, with full chain cooking talent training system from mid-sports to doctoral education . From the Yangzhou Bunzi of "Bagging the World", to the "fried global" Yangzhou fried rice, Yangzhou actively promotes the modernization of food processing technology and is committed to letting Huaiyang food gains around the world enjoy the unique charm of Huaiyang.

"The food is a shining business card for the city.

Zhang Jun, member of the Party Committee of Yangzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, said that Yangzhou has become a world food capital, showing Yangzhou taste, Yangzhou culture and Yangzhou charm, hosted five ministries and commissions of the Ministry of Commerce and the Starting Ceremony Instead of China’s early tea culture festival, Yangzhou, Yangzhou, Yangzhou, as the Operation Fellow of the Dubai World Pavilion Ballroom, let Jiangsu food floats.

Yangzhou Food is driving tourism, accommodation, exhibition, and literary service industry and agriculture, food industry high-quality development, and better promotes Huaiyang cuisine culture.

"Huaiyang vegetables as the mainstraft of the mainstream cuisine in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River, the influence is large, and the coverage is a mainstream flavor in the Yangtze River Delta area." The Provincial Food Association presided over the school that Jiangsu applied "Huaiyang Cuisine" food signboard To combine the catering industry and tourism, continue to enhance the visibility and confidence of regional cities, and in-depth promote Huaiyang vegetables and culture, tourism, and creative industries, so that consumers have more feelings, happiness.

Improve soft power, let "Jiangsu taste" large color has two world food capitals, "Jiangsu taste" is becoming China’s soft power "additive".

How to keep an innovation, improve the quality of the catering, let the food nourish the city, and spread the "Chinese Story", become an important topic in front of you.

"Chinese food has been widely spread, the best experience, rich products and strong product are characterized by the world, and spread overseas. This time, Jiangsu has a city, and let us feel proud of our food. Chen Wanqing, chairman of Jiangsu Yangcheng One-flavor Catering Management Co., Ltd., said that only the market pulse, constantly change innovation, breaking the solid thinking, can let the Chinese food "old wine" be so beautiful. Using "Culture +" "Boutique +" "Network +", in recent years, the company has integrated traditional culture, local characteristics and modern marketing and international industry standards. The company encourages employees to actively participate in the vocational skills competition and food skills exchange activities such as Kwings. At present, there has been a cultivation of people in Jiangsu Province, "three bands" celebrities, "three belts" can 2, Jiangsu labor model 3 The master level of the chef, and uses the training venue such as Huaiyang Cai’s Lecture Hall, using the "modern apprentices" and "industrial integration", build the three functions of teaching, training, and social services, for Yangzhou and even The country has cultivated a large number of Huaiyang vegetables cooking talents.

"Jiangsu people have always low-key pragmatic, not Zhang Yang, but in building a city brand, actively go out, should still drink more, more.

"Professor of Nanjing University Business School, Huang Fuhua, deputy director of the Study of the University of Nanjing University, recommended that the Jiangsu catering industry can refer to the selection criteria listed by UNESCO, do a hundred years old shop, integrate innovation, and go to the world.

The food is a special existence of a special existence across the language, which can better connect people, producing an emotional linkage of high recognition and warm temperament.

Huang Fuhua believes that Jiangsu should better promote the industrialization of Huaiyang vegetables to specialize, internationally transformed, in-depth food elements of cultivating literature, film and other works, promoting food and tourism, cultural and creative more closely in-depth combination.

Looking forward to expanding the international high-end platform such as Shenchuang’s "Gourmet", expanding the openness of the internationalization of the global creative urban network, showing the excellent business environment of Jiangsu, deepening the economic and trade cooperation between the enterprises at home and abroad, in more Aspects realizes mutual benefit and win-win.

(Wang Mengran Tian Mo Pool).