Helping companies integrate into "double cycle"

  Last month, a batch of copper wire single-core transistors from Chengdu Advanced Power Semiconductor Co., Ltd., and delivered an air-conditioned production enterprise. "I used a ticket for a ticket. Now I use the distribution report, first use the unilateral exit area of ??the entry into the library. The next quarter is re-applied, and the emergency goods can be declared within 24 hours and quickly cleared, and the number of customs declaration will be reduced. The company is shortened. "The company’s trustworthy staff said, thanks to the comprehensive bonded area preferential policy and a series of customs facilitation measures, the company has increased up to 25% last year, and the export still maintained a growth.

  In order to support the development of enterprises in the comprehensive bonded area, Chengdu Customs active in the integrated bonded area industrial chain and the actual situation of the company, accelerating the "Wisdom Customs" construction, introduced "intervals" "work single-issued" "distribution" "advance declaration "The measures, constantly simplify the procedures, improve customs clearance efficiency, and save logistics costs. "We will follow the business development of the enterprise, and solve the problems encountered in the account management, goods clearance, equipment and export area, and guide the company to use international trade ‘single window’ ‘Internet + customs’ and other platforms, reduce the cost of customs clearance. Safeguard the material, equipment and finished products of the production, and the clearance time of the delivery area of ??the goods is about 70%.

"The General Regional Development Department of Chengdu Customs Bureau said. The influence of the epidemic, the international market demand has been weak last year.

In the comprehensive bonded area, with policy function advantages, the comprehensive bonded area will help enterprises to actively integrate the new development of domestic international "double cycle" and become "stabilizers" to promote foreign trade.

In 2020, the import and export value of Chengdu High-tech Comprehensive Bonded Area was 100 million yuan, which increased year-on-year, accounting for 68% of the total value of Sichuan foreign trade. (Editor: Li Qiangqiang, Zhang Hua Wei) Sharing More people see.