Into the sprint time: I have worked for energy supply.

Enter the core area of ??the Expo October 25, on October 25, enter the core area of ??the Expo to enter the style of control management. On the morning, the energy station has completed the first heating commissioning in accordance with the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai), with a more accurate epidemic prevention and more refined service guarantee, and strictly wait for "into the blog time".

In addition, China Huadian’s grassroots party organizations in Shanghai fully play the role of fighting fortress, and all members launched the "Delivery Join Folk Fair, Jianye City", and practical education and encouragement from the celebration of the party’s 100-year-old birthday. , The intelligence and strength of the intelligence and strength are struggling to do a good job of the current service guarantee work.

At the beginning of the preparatory work, the core area Energy Station established the "Jinbo Supply Support" Party Assault Command, launched "I have a practical thing for the masses" and the promotion of the promotion of the public, and organize the majority of party members to promote the spirit of the great website. Dare to take good work, good work, play a key role in critical moments, so that the party flag is high quality, continuous delivery of high quality, no interrupted cold, hot, electric clean energy, escorting into the fair.

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