Go to Xi’an’s first Binhe night light greenway to taste "fast city slow life"

  On November 12th, the Hui Huigong Road has become the second phase of the province’s high-quality development project in the second phase of the province’s high-quality development project. The full length of the Greenway project is 28 kilometers long. It is connected in series, the Yunfei Lake, the River Ecological Park, the international style water street, the fishing commercial water street, etc., combines the seating area, facilities belt, sidewalk, bicycle lane, Green belt and other functional belts provide a new tourist leisure experience.

  "This project is positioned to create Xi’an’s first Binhe night light, through the greenway to promote the concept of ‘fast city, slow life’. With green road to carry culture, enhance the city value with greenways, in the core area of ??the greenway, With the greenway, it is integrated with the city transportation hub, connects the urban transportation hub to create a fusion functional green belt, providing a high-grade of safety, wildlife protection, flood control, water protection, education, urban beautification, and leisure. , High-strength, super comfortable ride, walk, facilities, rest, hydrophilic composite special landscape corridor Minister Liu Xixi said.

  Liu Xixi introduced that the Huihui Green Road International Community Section-沣 沣 家滩 运动 公 公, specialty, football field, tennis court and other sports venues provide a diverse sports experience, park Running blue running road and gray black springs, form a green road nearly 3 kilometers.

Scan the WeChat applets that can be seen everywhere in the park, you will find that there are many scientific elements that integrate into many technology elements, but also provide sports trajectory records, but also accurately locate the position of the movement, let technology Care.