Fuyang First Futian is always spy, and the Eastern Han is hot search list..

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The general of fighting is to die, it is inevitable that people are difficult.

As the saying goes, the victory defeated in the military.

What is the meaning of failing or failing in the battle?General, commanding thousands of people, there must be the god of general, laughing and laughing, highlighting the heroic spirit and heroic.

At this point, Zhou Zhen really wants to learn from Cao Cao.Defeat Fuyang counterattack Lu Bu to attack Yangyang City.Cao Cao’s stronghold was captured and he returned to the city.

Lu Bupai Fuyang First Futian is a spy, private letter Cao Cao: I secretly open the door in the night, you bring people to the tower to attack the city.

This city was originally you, but Lu Bu has taken over.

Cao Cao believes that it is true that the city is in planning.

The fire is full of fire, Cao Cao soldiers and horses, no one around him. At this time, Lu Bu came to kill, asked Cao Cao where he was? Cao Cao was scared to cover his head and pointed to the opposite direction: he opened the luxury car. Go chase him. Lu Bu missed Cao Cao. See Cao Cao, I ask Cao Cao, which is Cao Cao? That night, Cao Cao returned to the camp, the officials were comforted: We are not afraid, we have escaped! Unexpectedly, Cao Cao laughed and planned to defeat. Cao Cao instructs the sergeant to hold a reporter meeting before the formation, and reported "Just now Cao Cao War and Yangyang".

The generals in the army mobilized, those who should post on the circle of friends, post on the circle of friends; should send Weibo, send Weibo. Most importantly, this news must pass to the ears of Lu Bu. Lu Bu also immersed in the joy of victory, and learned that Cao Cao had been bullied by living.

Don’t hesitate, he led the army to go straight to Cao Ying. He was beaten, and he was beaten and wolf.

The defeat, two people made a flat hand. It seems that there seems to be not annoying.

You need to calm down and find new soldiers in failure.

It is defeated to Shaoguan, and the fierce, who is reluctant to play the western cool, will lead the Ma Chao to lead the 200,000 troops for the father’s revenge. Ma Chao hurriedly criticized Chang’an City, Dongxing for a long time, and also occupied Shaoguan.

Cao Cao was panicked, led the army of Xu Shao to fight. I didn’t expect the first round to lose to Cao Jun. Cao Cao was chased by Ma Chao.

Ma Chao: Who is Cao Cao? Passerby: Cao Cao wears red suit.

Cao Cao was approved. Ma Chao: Have you seen someone in a suit now? Passerby: It is a long beard of Cao Cao.

Cao Cao scared a multi-function dagger and scraped his beard.

Ma Chao: Is there anyone staying with a raven? Passerby C: It is Cao Cao just shaved the short beard. Cao Cao was scared to wear a mask.

This is called embarrassment.

Later, Zhang Song slogan complained that the battle was fierce, and Cao Cao went to the beard abandoned robe in Shaoguan.

Cao Cao: What happened to me to cut a beard? I cut the beard, throw away the robe, what is going on? Who has never lost a war, but in any war, there will always be a win win. As long as the mentality is good, everything will be fine, occasionally fail, I am still laughing. Cao Cao fell to the long guns of Ma Chao, returned to the military camp, and smiled and told the Three Army: This is not hit, the initiative is in us.

As long as you can’t hold, Ma Chao will retreat.

They are all wondering. What is this, Cao is not scared. "Three Kingdoms Qi Yuan" original Cao said: "The war and the unhobliament, I am not a thief. Although there is a gun, I can stab. The princes are stable, the thief is retreat." The private discussion, said: " When I was fighting, I was first. Today, I was defeated by Ma Chao. Why is it so weak? "Ma Chao once again shocked everyone.

After Cao Cao listened, laughed.

Late talked about: Mr. Cao must be frightened, he is not afraid of rebels when he is taking the troops.

At the time of the soldiers, Cao Cao has developed a successful counterattack plan.

Cao Cao began to sell troops, survey the field weather and geography.

At the same time, he also came out to Han Yu’s WeChat boy with Ma Chao, provoke the internal contradiction between Ma Chao Union.

This is called the mutual approach and two-tube.

In the end, Ma Chao was beaten into blood flow. Cao Cao began to return to the puzzle: there are two most, give full play to subjective initiative, with a suitable time, place, environmental conditions, and annihilating enemies.

As for the enemy’s troops, I don’t do it, because I can destroy their group, otherwise, I will come to play a horse super, wasting my budget. Professional soldiers: Mr. Cao, a word, absolutely! Cao Cao: No, it is caused by everyone. "Three Kingdoms Qiyuan" originally asked: "Every time I heard the thief, I will be happy, why?" Cao said: "In the crucial and remote areas, a group of thieves, if it is difficult, within a year or two It is not enough, it is all in today, there are many people, easy to scatter., And you can destroy: I am very happy. "The general worshiped, said:" The meter of the prime minister is not enough. "Cao said:" It is also necessary to see your strength of the two armies of the civil and military. "The TV series" Three Kingdoms "Cao Cao’s drama is one of the representative battles of Cao Cao Jun, he is not bound by the position of the position, but can be optimistic. Summary, perfectly utilize local weather, geographic environmental conditions, and take a thinking-type method.

The above strategy disintegrates Ma Chao, settled in Guanzhong, and re-acquired face.

However, the passage of the years, left the opportunity to change the history of Ma Chao, but the water of the Yellow River is not returned. After that, Ma Chao once again gave Zhang Lu and Liu Bei, but there was no chance to compete with Cao Cao alone.

Defeat Chibi, laugh calmly, and inspired the morale to defeat the Yangyang, he returned to the military camp and laughed. Cut away the beard, lost the robe, and returned to the army laugh. Avoid arrow and unshumped, returning to the military camp laugh.

Chibi was defeated and laughed along the way.

Cao Cao’s advantages are particularly obvious. No matter what difficult, he will laugh two, calmly respond.

I have to listen to Lao Cao and steady.

Sun Quan and Liu Bei teamed up to play in the Changjiang Chibi.

Cao Cao is more people, and I didn’t put Sun Liu in my eyes at all. At this time, Cao Cao is amazing. Cao Cao misunderstood the terrible Pang Tong’s old man’s nuts: the iron chain is like a boat on the ground, and a party can also hold on the deck.

On the evening of the formal duel, Cao Cao suffered from the discouragement of the brothers. He wants to make a wins in advance: a cup to the Yangtze River, a cup to the moonlight.

Jiuxing made a contribution to the prosperity of poetry. That night, Cao Cao wrote a famous "Dan Pallet".