Hefei 90 old communities next year "surgery"

On December 9, the reporter learned from the Provincial Housing and Construction Department that Hefei’s 90 old communities were included in Anhui Province to support the reconstruction community mission "menu" and will benefit 15,137 households after the completion of the completion.

For next year’s renovation plan, many citizens pay attention to the fire, balcony facilities, and adaptive and other facilities can be further improved. New task: 90 communities ranked next year, the province’s support renovation scope of Anhui Province has been planned to transform 1431 old communities. The number of households is 267,423 households. The number of buildings is 14743, and the building area is 10,000 square meters.

In 2022, the province’s urban old community is included in the "Menu" menu, as the provincial capital, Hefei includes county, a total of 90 communities named. The city next year’s renovation plan covers 669 buildings, retrofitting the building area of ??10,000 square meters, will benefit 15,137 households after the completion of the completion. In these communities, there are both old houses such as Huizhang Group, Five Dormitory, Provincial Hospital Community, which were built in the 1970s, also included Rhobi District (Phase II), Jin Huayuan, An Mei Street Nanbei Building, etc. 2000 Commercial housing built later in the year. In addition, there are many types of housing and resettlement rooms such as House and Tonglou Community, Slope Building, etc.

In the transformation classification, in addition to implementing the basic class-transformed cells, according to the latest planned task, the city will have a proportion of the number of improvements in the improvement project next year or will increase.

The new look forward to: The public proposes to improve the balcony to improve the reinforcement of the current in Hefei City. Some homes have been limited to the materials and construction methods used in the construction age. In addition, after the long-term wind blows, some households The balcony aging cracks, the balcony weather is serious, and even fall off.

"I have observed this issue for a while, I found that it is not an example, and people who have other communities are reflected online.

"Han Fudgen, who lived in the Yaohai District, Hanfugen, said that the balcony in the house, the balcony, who once fell into the house, so that the old couple was ambusted.

Hank Fuben learned from many aspects that the current environmental remediation of the current old community is mainly to renovate the roof, rectify the appearance, rectify the corrush and energy-saving transformation, generally does not include the balcony improvement. "The old residential community transformation of these years has brought us a lot of benefits, and the residents have benefited a lot, thank the government departments to do a good thing! There are more old people in the old community, and the next step is expected to be appropriate. Improve the balcony to reinforcement into the transformation.

"Hanfugen suggests that it can pay attention to the science of fire safety facilities in front of the door, such as the unified resettlement of red striking fire hydrants, better solve the problem of old house safety, so that the elderly live more assured. For" 90 "new Hefei The person is coming, and a set of second-hand housing in the old community has been bought in the past few years. He hopes to make the residential sports and fitness facilities better. "I wanted to exercise, I found the facility in the community. Less not enough, the type is also limited, see if you can add more, after all, health is the first. "New Change:" Double Trick Double True "Preferred Continuous Reconstruction Project next year, the province will actively innovate the work path, integrate various resources, implement new management models, and vigorously crack the problem of the renovation and management of old communities.

In the implementation process, the government will lead the renovation task list, and the masses will be submitted. According to the requirements of the Provincial Department of Housing, the old communities that are included in the 2022 retrofit plan must be widely solved for people’s opinions and mobilize residents to participate in the transformation. Among them, the participation rate of residents, the agreement rate should reach the regulations, the community renovation plan, the renovation of property management model, residents’ funding method, the property service fee payment, etc., can be renovated. Do a good job in the renovation of the old community and the transformation of shantytures, the renovation of dangerous houses, and urban update projects, and implement the old community renovation tasks to specific projects, and connect.

Exploring the stock resources of the old sectors to retrofit projects, supporting large-scale implementation of operational subjects to operate in a market-oriented manner. Including Hefei, there are preferably a batch of two-year-old renovation project implemented in 2022, and published through platforms such as "double trick double lead". New channels: actively explore the transformation of multi-party co-financing methods in 2022, in order to make the old community transformation accelerated results, Anhui will raise funds for multi-channels, and there are more investment modifications.

All places will give full play to the leveraged role of central security housing project, supporting infrastructure construction special funds, provincial people’s livelihood engineering subsidies, to shake financial capital, private capital and social capital support old-term renovation, guide residents through direct Investment, use (recovery, renewal) property special maintenance funds, and participate in the transformation of public income and other methods.

Guide residents to implement indoor decoration decoration and improve their quality. Promote the renovation and management of the old community and the integration of grassroots social governance, increasing the renovation and management of old communities into the category of grassroots community governance, adhering to the voluntary residents, actively exploring multi-faceted multi-party co-employment methods, through transformation synchronous sound Effect management mechanism. New security: Pay attention to the quality and safety management, the Provincial Housing and Construction Department requires the construction unit next year to combine the characteristics of the old community renovation project, scientifically prepare the construction organization design plan and construction plan, according to "first underground, back floor, First, the principle of the first, the principle of scientific planning, avoiding recurrence, and repeatedly disturbing people.

The supervision unit should strengthen the quality and safety supervision of the construction site, combined with the actual situation of the old community renovation project, pay special attention to the acceptance work of the concealed engineering acceptance and other intermediate links, the quality, safety hazard, timely, timely, hidden dangers and rectification notice and supervision and rectification .

(Reporter Wu Qi).