Based on the "first leader" of the pursuit of the case

"I want to be worshiped and recognized by the people around me, so I have been greedy and greedy to the point of today.

"At the placement point, Hu Zelong, a member of the former party group of the Sichuan Tianfu New District Administrative Examination and Approval Bureau and a second -level investigator.

Hu Zelong is a native native. Before he dropped his horse, he had been the "first leader" in Xinglong Street, Chengdu. From the perspective of unfamiliar people, Hu Zelong is diligent and approachable, but in his small circle, he can see his greedy side by disguise. Hu Zelong in his childhood had been discriminated against by the "landlord family". Changing his destiny was the original intention of his struggle. The desire to be admired.

In the circle of his subordinates and small businessmen, he is called "boss Hu", whether it is in the card, the wine table, or even in the unit, and this is not avoided. The feeling of "being worshiped" made him enjoy it. There were "little brothers" followed in and out of the time. There was a "little brother" to buy, and there was a "little brother" greeting on his birthday. According to the survey, Hu Zelong accepted his subordinates from 2012 to the first half of 2021. A total of 10,000 yuan in red envelopes and gifts for management service objects.

In exchange for this, "Boss Hu" has a care of the "younger brother" in engineering projects. According to the survey, Hu Zelong had more than 100 projects during the "leader" in Xinglong Street. Compared to the "gratitude fee" of the younger brother, Hu Zelong was more concerned about the psychological satisfaction of "worship". It was not until the case handler put the evidence of his bribery for 10,000 yuan in front of him. He woke up like a dream. Repeatedly mentioned in the confession book, "The treatment that the organization gives me is enough to support my family, and I ask myself countless times in my heart. Why are you Lao Hu?" Hu Zelong said in the small circle. Essence From 2014 to 2017, in the land acquisition and demolition of the three companies in the jurisdiction, Hu Zelong decided to submit land levy compensation without collective decisions. The amount of compensation is deducted, the result of making false information, and the result of camouflage into a collective decision, which seriously violates organizational discipline. Hu Zelong, who was proud of his career, believed in "one person gets a chicken and dogs to rise to the sky", and also wanted to "add color" to the family. At the request of relatives and friends, Hu Zelong handed over multiple engineering projects in Xinglong Street to relatives by greeting the streets and urban management departments to say hello, so as to "help" brothers and "carry" juniors. Earlier, Hu Zelong had worked in the town -run enterprise for several years. He thought he had a policy and managed him.

In October 2015, Xinglong Street carried out land acquisition and demolition of the land that was circulated by Sanhe Rental Station. Hu Zelong used his authority to allow subordinates to include illegal buildings that should not be compensated into the scope of compensation, thereby obtaining more than 840,000 yuan in compensation. Essence

On November 5, 2021, Hu Zelong was expelled from the party and was expelled from public office. On March 2, 2022, Hu Zelong was sentenced to six years and six months in prison for corruption and bribery, and fined 1.2 million yuan. All the models involved have been paid.

(Chengdu Discipline Inspection Commission of Discipline Inspection || Editor Xu Menglong) (Responsible editor: Peng Jing, Wang Huiran).