Regarding the situation of food safety issues in Hanshui Huacheng, Fancheng District

In response to students and netizens who reported that the quality of the new future kindergarten in Hanshui Huacheng, Fancheng District, the quality of the purchase of ingredients in the future, and Fancheng District set up a joint investigation working group to conduct a comprehensive investigation. The relevant situation is reported as follows: accountability and accountability in accordance with laws and regulations.

Jointly seal the new future kindergarten of Hankoshui City and Hengzhuang Kindergarten Canteen; Fancheng District Public Security Organs take mandatory measures to five people involved in the kindergarten director Lei Mou; Responsible persons with supervision responsibilities conducted investigations.

Maintain the legitimate rights and interests of students. Organize all students involved in the kindergarten to the First People’s Hospital of Xiangyang City and Xiangyang Maternal and Child Health Hospital for health inspections. They can also freely choose any triple hospital in Xiangyang City for health inspection.

Properly resettle the problem of students’ schooling, students involved in the kindergarten can freely choose a kindergarten to study in 8 kindergartens in Fancheng District. Let’s make a reform.

Fancheng District fully carried out special food safety investigation and rectification actions, focusing on strengthening daily food safety supervision of school cafeterias (including childcare institutions) in the district, and maintaining a high -pressure situation of food safety rectification.

Fancheng District Joint Investigation Working Group April 29, 2022.