Beijing Chaoyang today expanded the scope of nucleic acid detection of 3048961 people

People’s Daily Online, Beijing, April 27th (Dong Zhaorui) On April 27, at the 317th press conference of the prevention and control of the new coronary virus pneumonia in Beijing, Yang Beibei, deputy head of the People’s Government of Chaoyang District, also reminded again thatFor residents of regional residents, please do not go downstairs for testing by themselves. After receiving the notice of the staff, you should go to avoid crossed infections.In other regional personnel, it is recommended to go in accordance with the staff notice, do not gather, do not collect it, and follow the guidance of on -site personnel.Please pay attention to personal health protection when testing, wear masks, keep a safe distance, do not crowd, do not smoke, do not talk, call less, keep your hand hygiene.

After the sampling, wear a mask immediately and leave the sample point as soon as possible.

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