During the current period, the traffic control of some road sections of the safe Jingkun Expressway is in order

  • 21/03/2022
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In order to speed up the construction of the construction of the Beijing-King Expressway, according to the overall plan of the project, at 6 o’clock in the morning of December 8th, at the Xi’an Administration of Traffic Police Detachment, the Xi’an Public Security Bureau traffic police detachment high-speed brigade Under support, the main line of the Beijing Kunqi Expressway, the main line, the main line, the section toll station, paper square, Suzaku, Crown Toll Station, Forest Park, etc.

During the preparation before the construction operation, the Western Branch and the high-speed traffic police have organized a traffic control seminar, formulating a detailed route diversion program, implementing personnel, vehicle, and consolidating responsibility.

It is reported that the Kyun Expressway Reconstruction Extension Project is in the control period of the day, carefully organizes, three-seat cross-bridge through cutting, lifting, etc., safe, order, and successfully completed the removal work of the site. National Expressway Beijing-Kunwi Pucheng to Dongyu Highway Reconstruction and Expansion Project is a national "13th Five-Year Plan" and the "steady growth and promotion investment" identified by the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the provincial government, including the 2020 province, city Highway construction work project.

The project started construction in the first time of March 20, 2021, and plans to build a car at the end of 2023. The project starts from Beijing Expressway (G5) and the East Yang Hub interactive with the Euclide High Speed ??(G6521), and the road is widened to the sideways to be widely expanded. Gaoling, Linyi, Xi’an Port District to Xie Wang interchange, using the existing Xi’an Ring Express (G3002) to the Hechi Zhai Hub Interchange, and then south to Xi’an High-tech Zone, Yandong New Town, Qiyi District, stop in Jingkun The high-speed flooding interchange, the full length of the route, which is changed to expand the length of the section, and the existing Xi’an Ring Expressway is used. The implementation of this project is to enhance road traffic capacity and service level, speed up the construction of Xi’an in the country center, and open up Shaanxi to open, promote Shaanxi and Northwest, the economic collaboration in Northwest, and tourism exchanges is very important. (Local Contributed Shaanxi Control Group) (Editor: Sun Ting, Wu Chao) Sharing let more people see.