56-year-old won the gold medal! Zhao Ping Heilongjiang athletes at three consecutive Paralympic Games table tennis men’s team title

  • 22/03/2022
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Heilongjiang athletes Zhao Ping (second from left) get Tokyo Paralympic Games table tennis men’s team MT3-level championship.

People Harbin September 3 power (Li Xi Shuang) the evening of September 2, Heilongjiang Ji Zhao Ping athletes get Tokyo Paralympic Games table tennis men’s team MT3-class champion, Heilongjiang off Tokyo Paralympics second gold medals.

That night, the Chinese team had worked hard to reverse the German team to win three. In determining the moment of victory, Zhao Ping and his teammates hugged each other tightly.

He said: "We did not give up in behind the case, withstand pressure, to achieve reversal of the final victory.

This gold medal is everyone with a good shot and a ‘fight’ out of hard-won. "This is the third time Paralympic gold medal Zhao Ping.

As the Paralympic Games oldest athlete, 56-year-year-old Zhao Ping has retained the title of fourth National Games for the Disabled Table Tennis Men’s TT3 level groups, in table tennis at the London 2012 Paralympic Games and the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games men’s TT3 level team gold. Zhao Ping said his fate and table tennis began in 2000. "In 1999, I was injured in a car accident resulting in paraplegia.

At that time, my poor self-care ability, get up, get dressed all need someone to take care of, which caused me great psychological gap.

There was a time I lay in bed thinking, ‘I’m only thirty years old, is it necessary to do so through life? ” Turning point came in the fall of 2000.

"I accidentally watched the Sydney Paralympic Games table tennis competition, watching athletes play sitting in a wheelchair, I suddenly germination of an idea:! I will do," Zhao Ping said. After really began to practice table tennis, Zhao Ping, only to find themselves the sport want simple.

"Standing playing and the feeling of sitting in a wheelchair playing too different, just let the right-handed left-handed play, like, everything has to be re-adaptation.

How to force in the case of physical limitations, how to hit the ball, how to move, I have to find their own way. "In 2002, Heilongjiang Province Paralympic Games opening ceremony, the first competition of Zhao Ping, finishing fifth in the men’s singles table tennis competition project.

Although there is no stand on the podium, but this competition strengthened Zhao Ping idea: table tennis this road, row! Since then, Zhao Ping continue participating, the results are more and more prominent, eventually won the fourth National Games for the Disabled champion table tennis men’s team TT3 level, and gains three Paralympic gold medals! Zhao Ping said: "In order to lay the table tennis, I keep training five hours a day, each ball seriously, action must be repeated hundreds of times a day to play not only helps physical rehabilitation, or do I integrate into society. channels, more importantly, it let me have a chance of glory for the country, to fight for the country when the country needs me, this feels great, my favorite word is’ mission in the shoulder, I have to struggle. ‘ "this session of the Paralympic Games, Zhao Ping, the Chinese delegation is the oldest athlete, he smiled and said:". before athlete call me’ brother ‘, and now the players have to call me’ t ‘a.

So old, and still continue to do it? My answer is, as long as no physical decline, I will continue to fight.

I want to use their experience, inspire all of disabilities, to tell you: I can do it, you still can do it! In addition to their own, no one can knock you down! "Image courtesy of the respondents themselves.

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