2021 Global Mayors Forum Plenary Session: Chinese and foreign guests to share the wisdom of urban governance

  • 17/04/2022
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November 11, 2021, Global Mayors Forum site.

Dayang hearing the evening of November 11, 2021 Global Mayors Forum Plenary Assembly held in Guangzhou Yuexiu International Convention Center. Attended the meeting under the charge of the relevant United Nations agencies, domestic and foreign mayors, experts, scholars and other heavy guests online and offline, to discuss the global urban governance innovation wisdom.

Medal winners of the Republic, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhong Nanshan keynote speech.

By the Guangzhou Municipal People’s Government Foreign Affairs Office, Guangzhou Daily Newspaper Group co-produced the 2021 Global Mayors Forum also released videos in the evening.

November 11, 2021, the Republic of medal winners, Chinese Academy of Engineering academician Zhong Nanshan keynote speech.

Currently, the new crown pneumonia epidemic continues to spread, increasing the uncertainty of global poverty reduction, climate change alarm sounded natural, urban governance is facing a major test, the urgent need to promote the city to build the human community fate contribute forces. Burner, the three set out to "walk together to promote the modernization of urban governance" as the theme, 2021 Global Mayors Forum heavy return.

Mayor global "cloud" set in Guangzhou, in this shared governance wisdom, to rethink the common future. Plenary session, Chinese and foreign guests universal appeal to work together, work together to build a sustainable future. China Xi’an, the city of Praia, Cape Verde, the German city of Heidelberg, Germany Wuppertal, Bari, Italy, Turkey, Istanbul six mayors sent a video keynote speech, talked about the way of friendship and Guangzhou make recommendations to enhance the common level of urban governance.

President of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Tim Lin Song: Calls upon States to city traveling together, and seek common development of the current century and century change in the situation superimposed resonance epidemic, the epidemic shows us once again that human solidarity is a community of destiny, win-win cooperation and common development is the human right and the only correct choice. Therefore, the president of the Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries Tim Lin Song called on countries to city traveling together, and seek common development.

Lin Song Tian said that the city is the production and life of peoples gathering place, a country friendly relations into an important carrier benefit people’s livelihood well-being. States want the city to focus poverty reduction, promotion of global sustainable green development; to build the smart city, to promote the modernization of urban governance; strengthen exchanges and mutual learning and achieve common prosperity; real practice multilateralism and uphold fairness and justice in the world. Chinese People’s Association for Friendship with Foreign Countries is willing to continue to direct, coordinate and encourage the Chinese local government, together with counterparts around the world local government, and seek common development.

The total FAO Director-General Qu Dongyu: to promote the transformation of agricultural food system that no one is left behind, "I am glad to see 2021 Global Mayors Forum Topics focus ‘Hand in Hand to promote the modernization of urban governance’.

"FAO Director-General of the United Nations Qu Dongyu noted that the theme of emphasis on food systems and urban governance urban agriculture, an important role in achieving sustainable development goals and the United Nations food summit follow-up system.

"First of all, urban agriculture food system must become an integral part of urban development planning and programming should be better integrated with other relevant departments of green parks, health and infrastructure. Secondly, the food environment, which is involved in urban residents’ food acquisition of systems and architectures must allow all people, especially in urban society vulnerable and marginalized groups, can guarantee a healthy diet available on the physical and financial. third, urban agriculture is local and regional food systems Agri-food part of the system, the urban population consumption patterns affect the whole process from farmland to dining table.

Fourth, urban agriculture should focus on local food system concerns and challenges, a key component of national policies, programs and institutions.

Fifth, we should adopt elements of technology, knowledge and science to accelerate development.

Sixth, the private sector should be encouraged to actively support urban agriculture food system through the hatch mechanism. "Qu Dongyu said Qu Dongyu noted that FAO is committed at all levels to support the Member States to promote the transformation of agricultural food system, for all to achieve better production, better nutrition, better environment and a better life, that no one is left behind.

Secretary-General of the World City Amelia Seitz speech.

Secretary-General of the World City Amelia Seitz: city across the border to build social cohesion Secretary-General of the World City organized a real sense of Amelia Seitz said in his speech today, whether tackling climate change or the new crown pneumonia epidemic, or other important global challenges, local governments and cities around the world are playing an important role and the main force.

In her view, the moment we should cross city boundaries, overcome isolation boundary brought about because of that our society can become a true sense of social solidarity, which is the consensus of urban local governments around the world.

"I am pleased at today’s plenary session, once again heard the voice of the city issued a unity.

"She called on the city to transform, to ensure the realization of the transformation of green.

"To build a sustainable world, not only for the benefit of our generation, but for future generations, such duties and obligations are duty-bound. We need to take an innovative, bold move, be possible to achieve this goal." She said the future will strive to promote cooperation among cities in the world to organize the city, helping the city to improve and optimize its governance to deal with various social uncertainties and crises encountered.

UNIDO Director-General Li Yong: work together to build a sustainable future of UNIDO Director-General Li Yong said that in the past two years, the city demonstrated amazing resilience in the fight against SARS, we are rethinking how to create a more inclusive and safe urban space. In response to challenges of uncertainty, the city found an effective way to deal with the crisis. As an important driving force to support the world economy against the world and a major contributor to climate change, the city on the global development agenda which is particularly important.

In today’s world, successful, sustainable urban development depends on effective modern governance. Strong governance mechanisms, particularly the use of digital tools, making the city even more smoothly in the development of "building back better" in the process. "As the international development community, we have to expand its influence and strengthen cooperation.

"Li said." But we also have to recognize that the epidemic exposed the challenges of urbanization, to find innovative solutions, we need to work together between cities, partnerships.

"Li Yong think, to create a global forum for the city mayor to build a partnership platform, contributed to the inter-city partnerships and knowledge sharing," look forward to the future of our city can better cooperation, work together to build a sustainable future .

"Five Building studio produced Manpower / Huangrong Fang Text / Guangzhou Daily · New Flower City Reporter: Zhang Shu Wang, Xu Wenwen, Fang Qing, Deng Xiaoli, Yang morning dew, Yezuo Lin, Li Huiying Figure / New Flower City · Guangzhou Daily reporter: Mok concentrated.