Explore Shanxi Samples that create digital government reform construction

  • 21/04/2022
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Internal Coordination of Shanxi Provincial Government Information Management Bureau. Without a cold, how do you have a plum? After more than two years of hard work, at present, the non-confidential information system of the provincial direct department has all achieved all the clouds in the unified management of the computer room.

After the system is clouded, all department data centers are revoked. 5 industrial clouds such as finance, education, real estate, transportation, and energy, all 11 municipal government clouds are all achieved with provincial government clouds, and the province’s "1 + N" cloud infrastructure has formed, and the "hedge" between the department "Demolition".

The relevant person in charge of the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Administration also revealed that "Recently, we are actively coordinating the Political Commissar Commission to promote the migration of the political and legal system information system." At the same time, do a big provincial e-government "one network." "At present, the province’s e-government external network has been connected 114 provincial units, longitudinally realizes the full coverage of provincial counties and township four-level, province to the city, the city to counties, and the county has already had the bandwidth of ‘Thousands of thousands. .

"Two years have no new business line, all relying on e-government external network implementation.

After the government information system migrated, the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Administration fully excavated more than 50 billion government data of the provincial government cloud platform, effectively activating data elements, let the sleeping data live, used to optimize the camp The commercial environment will enhance government governance capabilities to provide strong data support. In 2019, "Shanxi Province has an Optimized Business Environment as a Breakthrough in Optimization of Galasses" as a typical experience found in the Sixth Big Chest of the State Council. Co-under construction, enhance fund use efficiency In the past two years, the Shanxi Provincial Government Information Administration will give full play to institutional mechanism advantages, adhere to the principles of digital government construction, and build a series of public capacity support platforms. The public products built by the government provide strong data support and application support for the provincial direct department business applications, which greatly enhances the benefits of fiscal funds. – Relying on the data sharing exchange platform, Shanxi construction population, legal persons, macroeconomics, public credit, space geography, six basic resource libraries, providing powerful data support for the provincial direct department. – Relying on an integrated online government service platform, Shanxi has built a unified portal, unified identity authentication, unified matters management, unified electronic license, unified electronic seal, and other public basic support platforms, providing strong common common application support for various departmental business systems.

– Instead of domesticization, Shanxi is equipped with the province’s intensive compliance office (OA) system, portal intensification platform, supervising system, security document centralized storage system, etc., unified to provide menu office for various departments Application services to meet the needs of all departments, office, and meetings.

"In the future, all departments do not need to build an office information system alone." Li Hua, deputy general manager of Shanxi Yun Times Technology Co., Ltd., said, this has reached a small amount of money, and the platform is more. Li Helin, deputy director of the Shanxi Provincial Administration, said: "It is the support of the public products of these digital government, and 61 projects in Shanxi Province have cut off the public part of the construction funds of about 1.1 billion yuan, compared with the past. If the holiday rate reaches more than half, the problem of repeated construction is basically resolved, and the data is island basically eliminates, and the funds are greatly saved.

"Data sharing enhances the government’s performance and service capacity, after the bottom of the service, make the data more running, let the people run less legs, can not leave the data sharing and business of various departments. The people fingertips are gently, behind the back Ten party and government parties’ support.

Since 2019, the combing work of "one network" government service matters has been carried out in the province.

At present, relying on integrated online government service platform, the province is more than 90%, and the average government service matters in the city and counties have realized the "full network".