Fuzhou Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate promotes the protection of the British Commemorative Facilities

  • 25/04/2022
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"Yesterday, you defend us with life; today, we take you with the name of the procuratorial public welfare!" April 1st, on the eve of the Ching Ming Festival, the police police of the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate in Fuzhou City once again came to the warehouse Liang Gan Martyrs in Liangyi Village, Chengmen Town, Mountain Area, Carrying out the Party History Learning Education and Revolutionary British Sacrifice.

Before the tomb of the martyrs, the procuratorial police slammed silently, dedicated flowers, and deeply creeped the linnaman martyrs. Qingshi Yu Ming, the long-lasting, and the new martyrs tomb is clean and solemn, and there is no more than a year of diverting model. Not far, a brand "public welfare litigation and prosecution protection" is similar to silent. The changes in the tomb of the martyrs should be stated from 2 procurathetles. In 2019, the prosecutor of the Cangshan District Procuratorate found in the field visited, where the walls located in the village were damaged, the tomb collapsed, even the residual land garbage, weed, and the roads were not smooth. "The tomb of the martyrs is both the rest of the hero’s martyrs. It is also an important venue for our martyrs. It is an important carrier inheriting red genes, promoting revolutionary traditions, cultivating national spirit, and conduct patriotism education.

Wu Shishi, the procurator of the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate, the martyrs tomb lack protection, damaging the social public interest. The prosecutor took photos to take the site, and then passed the investigation of the Liang Gandan Tomb in 1992. The suburban people’s government approved Regional cultural relics protection units have always been personal or organized to soon.

However, because of the long-lasting, the overall relocation of Liang Yun Village, the tomb of this martyrs slowly masked, even piled up the garbage. "The hero martyrs should not be forgotten, we can use the procuratorial public welfare to protect their honors and dignity.

After the investigation was verified, 2 procuratorates of the Cangshan District Procuratorate were issued, and the relevant functional departments of Dazangshan District were sent in December 2019.

In the procuratorial proposal, the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate requested the relevant departments to perform their duties in accordance with the law, adopt effective management and maintenance measures, timely cleaning, cleaning, repairing, and maintaining the work of the Martyrs Cemetery, keeping the hero martyrs memorial facilities, solemn, clean environment and atmosphere At the same time, establish a long-term management mechanism, improve service and management work.

After receiving the Procuratorial Recommendation, the relevant functional departments quickly represented and organized to carry out cleanup repair. In response to the management of unmanned management, the relevant departments of the relevant departments, designated specialized units responsible for management of daily inspections, cleaning and maintenance of the cemetery.

In addition, the prosecutors of the People’s Procuratorate of Cangshan District have always paid attention to the progress of the martyrs, and go to the scene for many times. On July 16, 2020, the Cangshan District People’s Procuratorate also took this opportunity to take the lead in the Cangshan Branch of Fuzhou Municipal Public Security Bureau, Cangshan District Cultural Sports and Tourism Bureau signed the "Opinions on the establishment of unmovable cultural relics protection work cooperation mechanism".

"Cangshan District is a deep cultural heritage, not only Liang Gandan’s tomb, but also the Wenyu Yantai Mountain, the end of the seafood town, poetic old warehouse mountain house, etc.

"Wu Shi is introduced, this opinion has established an unhakable cultural relics protection work collaborative mechanism for the establishment of non-movable cultural relics protection work collaboration mechanism from daily contact, information sharing, joint meeting, emergency disposal, communication and training, clue transfer, clues, judgment, handling process collaboration, and handling the results of cases. Maximize the unmovable cultural relics in the Cangshan area.

(Zhu Hui Chen Minzhen) (Editor: Wu Zhou, Zhong Xia Liuhua).