Investment of 2.8 billion yuan! Fuzhou High-tech Zone must build some schools will add 13,310 degrees

  • 28/04/2022
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The third central elementary school in High-tech Zone. Lin Shuangwei photo at the same time, the establishment of the new campus, etc. Functional room, etc.

Improve the basic education teaching level Fuzhou High-tech Zone and Fujian Women’s joint work created, in the improvement of vocational education system, do a good job in "3 + 2" in high-vocational cohesion, and actively strive for higher vocational colleges, and open "3+ 2 "Five-year professional, joint research and formulate the cultivation plan for the integrated talents in China.

In addition, according to the needs of the industry development talents, add new majors such as digital graphic information technology, packaging planning and design and analysis, and implement modern apprenticeship training and strive to build a professional system of education. Increase the preparation to create a high-level teacher team Fuzhou High-tech Zone actively coordinated the Municipal Party Committee to prepare a teacher’s nuclear editor-in-law, increase teachers, and improve the management system. At present, there are a number of talents introduced preferential policies, attracting talents and high-level educational talents in the province, municipal-level college education, to high-tech zone, through the interview method, to relax the threshold for special education talents, according to the personnel category Preferential policies such as children enrollment, priority approach. At the same time, actively promote the cooperation with the Minjiang Normal University School to jointly and build a teacher development center, to create a high-level "teaching and research, research, training", and promote the construction of teachers and education in high-tech towers education.

(Photo provided by Fuzhou High-tech Zone) (Editor: Chen Chuchu, Zhong Xia Liuhua).