In Magic Shanghai, a group of new farmers have a "new landmark"

The sheep constructed by a company in Chongming District, only healthy and early warning systems.

White lentil, white goat, gourd, old hairy crab, crispy, rice … After the red "Great Wall Sign", these origin China’s third largest island – Shanghai Chongming District’s agricultural products, and the local farmers drums. Packer.

As one of the largest suburbs of Shanghai, Chongming is the main battlefield for Shanghai’s implementation of rural revitalization strategy.

Today, the "tide" tool of Intellectual Property, the "new farmers" of the feature industry, is from a new road to a rural revitalization.

Bai goat, "covering a poke", was robbed, and the careful senior "eat goods" may find that Wanhe Agricultural Company produces sales of Chongming Bai goat products in the new box, printing a red "Great Wall Sign" Plus agricultural product geographical symbols and agricultural trademarks before, there are three visual markers on this box. The so-called red "Great Wall Sign" is a dedicated sign published by the National Intellectual Property Office in October 2019, indicating an item from a certain region, and the specific quality, reputation or other characteristics of the item is mainly naturally natural. Factors or human factors are determined.

Everyone is familiar with Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs, 盱眙 盱眙 龙 lobster, etc., there will be the sign.

It is not easy to "win" one such "landmark".

"One is that the length of the declaration period is long, and it takes 2 to 3 years or more; the other is that the assessment dimensions are more, the geographic logo requires the history of planting, and it is necessary to reflect in the historical literature in the county. There must be standardized planting specifications. , Certain planting scale and industrial basis and good market visibility and share. Xu Bo, deputy director of the Chongming District Intellectual Property Office. Take the white goat as an example, it is a unique local variety that is pregnant under certain soil conditions.

According to the "Chongming County" records, in the Ming Dynasty, there was a traditional, high-quality soil conditions in the Chongming area, and high-quality soil conditions became quality assurance. Although it is difficult, it is worth it. Soon, Chongming Bai goat "covered" was favored by the market and consumers. This year, the 10th China Flower Expo was held in Chongming, and the white goat was identified as a Flower Expo.

"The online fresh sale platform is also more willing to sell our goods, the price is raised from the original 49 yuan / catties to 98 yuan / catties, and the 5,000 goat launted in the market last October is also quickly snapped up." Huang Zhen, chairman of Wanhe Agriculture.

In February 2021, Shanghai Geographic Sign Directory "Unveiled", 17 geographic logo trademarks, there are 8 in Chongming District, occupying "half-waters", many good-looking agricultural brands let the "Houhua Expo" Chongming Island ushered in Another development opportunity.

Today, Chongming District has successfully registered "Chongming Bai Lentil" "Chongming Bai Goat" "Chongming Gourd" "Chongming Old Mao" "Chongming Dawei" "Chongming Navy", "Chongming Huang Yang", 8 geographical symbols Trademark, as well as "Chongming old hai crab" "Chongming old liquor" and other geographical markers protection products. Chongming Xuexiao’s anti-season blossoms "species field, raising lamb" is a yellow-hazel’s WeChat signature.

He is a high-quality student of the laws of the East China University of Political Science and Law. Shortly after graduation, he went to Chongming to create Wohe agriculture. For four years, he has a "rookie" that is not a concept from a 300-acre land, and has grown to the CEO of the exquisite agricultural high-end brand. Wanhe agriculture Chongming Bai Mountain sheep expansion, the annual column volume reached 1,000 heads. A new professional farmers like Huang Zhen, who are using more "tide" such as intellectual property, truly let characteristic agriculture realize high quality development. In 2002, it was facing the industrial difficulties, and there was a Chongming narade of more than 500 years of cultivation history, once in the predicament of "broken root".

"Shijia Huixing" inheritor Shi Hao, set the green company with his father Schker, began to pay attention to the collection of Chongming water fairy, start breeding and expansion from 3 acres, and continuously put the product to pure, restroom, cultivate.

Under the guidance and active promotion of the District Intellectual Property Office, Chongming Xuexiao took the road to the geographical indication.

Today, Chongming Water Fair is both an intangible cultural heritage protection project, and is the only geographical symbol of the State Administration for Industry and Commerce (now Agricultural Rural Department) Agricultural Products Geographical Sign "Double Geographical Sign".

At this Flower Expo, Chongming Narcissus blossoms in the blessing of science and technology power, and it will be held during the exhibition. Although the Chinese Flower Expo has been concluded, the cultivation and growth of Chongming Narcissus is still in progress within a 760-square-meter Chongming Xuexian Garden specialized in Dongping National Forest Park. China’s 90% of Tibetan red flowers are produced in Chongming, this "cold knowledge", you don’t necessarily know. Not only is Chongming Xuexinti, not only in the flower fair, but Chongming continues to promote the characteristic flower declaration geographical symbol.

Xu Bo said that Chongming Tibetan safflower (also known as Western Saffron), Chongming, the grass has been carried out, and it is expected to further enhance the protection of geographical indications in Chongming District. Let more "landmark" witness the village revitalization through application "landmark", can reasonably, fully utilize and maintain natural resources, human resources and geographic heritage, effectively protect quality characteristics and promote the development of specialty industry. In recent years, it has realized that the Chongming District of this point is a diversified investment mechanism and operational mechanism of "combined with the governance and enterprises", forming "political enterprise combined, market leadership", so that the "bonsai" becomes "scenery ", In promoting" Chongming Manufacturing ", the awareness of intellectual property rights is deeply rooted.

Taking the flower fair as an opportunity. Nine franchise stores in the park, visitors can purchase and experience Chongming characteristic ecological agricultural products. When the autumn is coming, "Chongming Water Crab" will also "climb" on the table. In addition to actively developing geographical symbols "new members", Chongming also organized special rectification and centralized law enforcement, attacking the infringement, protecting the benefits of producers and consumers.

After the opening of this year, the Shanghai Chongming Green Food Production and Water Production and Work Sales Reported to the administrative organ, called the rice commodity produced by a cooperative in Shanghai, using the words "Chongming rice" in the outer packaging, and sell in the agricultural product store in the flower fair park, related The logo is suspected of not standardizing the use of "Chongming rice" geographical indications.

On June 22, in the flower fair park, both parties reached an administrative mediation agreement and conduct judicial confirmation, and only 10 working days before and after this process were highly protected from the interests of the rights. The market order of the flower fair franchise commodity. Yan Wenzhao, director of the Shanghai Intellectual Property Office, said, the next step, Shanghai should win the quality of the industry, cultivate the boutique, to promote the linkage development of related industries with geographical indications, to create a regional characteristic economy, realize the growth, the quality is continuous, and the brand is increasing value, Continuously improve, industrial constant integration "work goals. At the same time, Shanghai should increase the work of geographical symbols, excavate and cultivate more geographical symbols with Shanghai characteristics. (Yuan Quan, Zhou Lin).