Interview with Wang Huimin Academician: Software Education urgently need to be fully upgraded and changed

  • 10/05/2022
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Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Wang Huimin, National Defense Science and Technology, China Higher Education Society, China Higher Education, Meta, Map, urgent upgrades, and transformation, the academician of Wang Huai people, software engineering is an important discipline of engineering education, and also has the trend towards engineering education and even higher education.

There is a saying that "software defines everything, the software is everywhere." Because our lives today, we can inseparable software, and we should also recognize that software has become a new vector in modern civilization.

He talked about that China’s software and services have accounted for 7% of my country’s GDP. In the past 20 years, China’s GDP has risen by 10 times, and China’s software and information service industry have risen by 100 times.

In this background, engineering education, the education of software should play a greater role.

"In the process of higher engineering education, we must not only pay attention to the cultivation of software engineering professionals, but also pay attention to software’s general education, such as control, electronics, medicine and other disciplines, but also pay attention to the training of software skills. Software discipline is Practical disciplines, not only pay attention to the principle, but also pay more attention to practices and hands-on ability.

"Wang Huai people have emphasized.

Academician Wang Huimin said that upgrading software education, concerning how software general education, software professional education, professional software education, software practical ability should upgrade, this is a series of important basic issues.

How to upgrade software general education with other field education intellectual education and other field education integration education? Academician of Wang Huimin said that in these years, practices have shown that calculating thinking relies on software as a carrier, which is demonstrated by programming capabilities, which is reflected in the calculated cognitive ability and practical ability, while achieving three connection.

Talking about cognitive ability, he specially explains, "It is to help all disciplines, including engineering, science, management, medical, or even literary schools, to understand how to use algorithms and programming to think about themselves. Question. "Wang Huaimin Academician also believes that students to obtain self-learning programming tools and solve engineering problems and confidence."

Today’s tools are getting more and more, to help every student has confident to learn this tool. What is "three connection"? Academician Wang Huimin said that the first is the connection between the secondary education, the software education penetrates into middle school education; the second is to connect to the bottom, and the implementation of the computer is opened in the university, and the important content is the software general education; the third is to connect the future To connect with relevant disciplines, promote the integration of software general education and other relevant education, throughout the entire education. Upgrade software professional education pays attention to network ecological construction to teach how the software engineering talents should cultivate, Wang Huaimin academician said that today we do software’s basic platform is a network platform, write software is based on network, software is running on the network, The software is served over the network. Future software will support the integration of a human body. "So we have to change the idea of ??software in software engineering, software professionals, and expand relevant capabilities.

Software future is a complex system, not a disposable building, it is continuous evolution, pay attention to ecological construction. "Wang Huai people said. In this context, he pointed out that the standard to help learning system capacity is expanded from computer space to cyberspace, to establish a training method of high-level research-type talents adapted to software, strengthen solving The network is the ability of complex system issues for platforms, thereby enhancing students’ ability to explore the exploration of new era software disciplines to adapt to my country’s development today.

In addition, how to improve software capabilities in other professional fields? The academician of Wang Huaimin is particularly emphasized that the thinking of software engineering is how to make the software rolled forward, solve the problem of reuse, portable, and promotion. Such thinking should be established in all engineering disciplines, including medical, science, liberal arts, and management. "Specifically reflect the ability of demand engineering and field software engineering, that is, we must help students have the ability to combine their own majors, propose how to turn algorithms and procedures into software that can be reused, while training these relevant disciplines And the staff of the software discipline, the personnel of other engineering disciplines effective communication, forming cooperation, this matter is extremely important for developing this field. "Wang Huaimin, the last said.

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