Naval Aviation Soldiers: System training to fight against iron wings

Naval Aviation Soldier Brigade -System Training Wicked the Warfare Wing ■ Li Hengjiang Sha Lingyun Liberation Army reporter to set up a chain and collaborate on Li Ming … In early April, the Eastern Theater Naval Air Force’s early warning aircraft conducting guidance conditions and guidance conditions Air combat training is intensely unfolded in a certain airspace.

Soon after the brigade pilot Dai Qingkui led the wanderingist, the early warning aircraft sent a "enemy" position to set up air defense firepower. According to the real -time factor information, Dai Qingkui and his comrades -in -arms drove a hidden initiative and continued to march towards the scheduled airspace. Close to the predetermined airspace, and the early warning information is: the "enemy" machine strikes from high -altitude. For a while, the two sides fought fiercely. "The battle can be drawn, and the" Air Command House "contributed!" Going off the fighter, Dai Qingkui said excitedly, "In the past, there was no warning information support. The pilot had to allocate a lot of energy to observe the air situation.

Now there are early warning aircraft guidance, the opponent’s situation changes clearly, this is the advantage of system operations. "Xiao Jianquan, deputy tourist of the brigade, told reporters:" In the future informatization operations, many combat forces such as land, sea, air, and sky and electricity are all nodes in the network. In this network, whoever can better and more effectively call system resources will have a better chance to win. "To this end, the brigade uses the advantages of the normal protection of the airport to the airport, multi -military, and multi -type fighter training, and vigorously promote system training, establish an effective synergy mechanism with brothers and soldiers such as early warning aircraft forces and surface ships. Fighting training, jointly refine the ability to win. From free confrontation to air combat to mixed air combat, from airship confrontation to early warning aircraft command and guidance drills … The brigade gives full play to the system integration advantage and solves a series of combat effectiveness construction problems in actual combat exercises , Effectively improved combat effectiveness.