Grasp "Adhere to the People" from the dimension of value and method

Original title: From the value and method dimension, "adhere to the people’s first" [Guangming Forum] [Learn to implement the party’s 19th China Sixth Plenary Session " One of the valuable historical experiences of leading the people, deeply revealing the fundamental password of the Great Party Wheelstone Huagong, and raised our understanding of the law of the Communist Party to the law, the law of socialism, the law of human social development, has increased to a new realm. .

"Adhere to the people" is the essence of Marxism.

The first time Marxism founded the profound ideology system for mankind. The first time I started to explore the road of free liberation in the people’s position, and the scientific concept was finally established, there was no oppression, no exploitation, everyone equivalent, The ideal society of everyone is indicated by the direction. "Adhere to the people’s first" is also the philosophical ideology such as the "Minamin Baby" of the Chinese Excellent Traditional Culture, the Humanistic Spirit, Moral Concept in the Creative Transformation and Innovation Development of the New Era.

This is the basic principle of Marxism and the specific actual practice of China and the theoretical crystallization of the combination of China’s excellent traditional culture.

"Adhere to the people" is the initial mission of the Communist Party of China. "Adhere to the people" is a historical view.

For the people, the Chinese Communist Party has come to a fundamental starting point and the foot point of all struggles, sacrifice, and creation. Our party is from the people, rooting the people, serving people, fundamentally, the party’s theory is everything for the people’s theory, the party’s route is everything for the people, the party’s business is everything for the people.

This is a vivid reproduction of the historical view of Marxism. During the new democratic revolution, the party leaders the people’s blood and fought, and the people of the People, established the People’s Republic of China, and realized the independence of the nation and the liberation of people. During the socialist revolution and construction period, the party leaders people self-reliance, indignation, and establishing a socialist system, achieving a great leap to make a poor two white and many people in the Eastern Dagong of the Socialist Society. During the new period of reform and opening up and socialist modernization, the party leaders the people’s liberation, forge ahead, creating socialism with Chinese characteristics, agreed to engage in construction, one sense of development, adhere to people-oriented, realizing comprehensive coordination and sustainable development, focus protection and improving people’s livelihood, promoting Social fairness and justice, liberation and develop social productivity, so that the people get rid of poverty and wealthy as soon as possible.

Wind and rain, Xingyute, our party causes another difficult relationship with a seemingly unable to overcome the miracle of the world, and the root cause is that our party always adheres to the people, and always adheres to the people to seek happiness. The initial mission of the rejuvenation of the nation. After a setback, our party has been struggling, and it is difficult to quench steel. The root cause is to always serve the people as the "source" and "book" of the party and national undertakings, and all for the people as the basic theory, basic line, basic "Root" and "Soul".

Adhere to the people’s first, so winning the people’s trust, get people’s support, this is an inevitable logic of the success of the Chinese Communist Party in history. "Adhere to the people" is the value pursuit of the Chinese Communists in the new era. "Adhere to the people’s first" is values. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "For the people, it is the beginning of the Chinese Communists.

We must not forget this initial heart, always put the people for the yearning for a good life as a goal. "The socialism of Chinese characteristics enters the new era," I will not be me, no people ", the pursuit of the pursuit of the pursuit of the pursuit of the Chinese Communists" adhere to the people’s first ".

"Jiangshan is the people, the people are the truth, education, philosophy of Jiangshan, playing Jiangshan, defending Jiangshan, and is the heart of the people." Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, Comrade Xi Jinping has a comprehensive overwhelming victory and has been fully consolidated. It is a major victory that is absolutely poverty to the bottom line task and iconic indicators that have been fully built into a well-off society.

Especially in the critical moment of the new crown pneumonia epidemic, the party’s central party is far-sighted, reviewed, accurately engaged, carefully deployed, decisive, and delivering actions, and delivers a satisfactory answer to the party. Adhere to the people’s supreme, have already insisted that the great creation of the Chinese people, the spirit of the great struggle, great solidarity, great dream spirit, and condense to the second hundred years of struggle. "Adhere to the people" is an important method for achieving the goal of the second hundred years of struggle. "Adhere to the people" is the methodology.

First, we must adhere to the party’s mass route.

The people most understand the actual situation, the most easy to find problems, the most solve experience, and can create solutions to problems. I must adhere to the fundamental leadership method and working method of "from the masses to the masses", stick to the people’s feelings, never leave the masses, have a blessing with the masses, there is a difficulty, condense hundreds of millions of people united Spiritual power.

It is necessary to adhere to the development of the whole process of people’s democracy. Continuously develop the people’s democracy, realize democracy, democracy, democracy and substantive democracy, direct democracy and indirect democracy, the people’s democracy, the will, implement full chain, all-round, full-coven democracy, let legislation more Gas, law enforcement is more confident, and the law is more conscious. Need to persist in common prosperity. The comprehensive well-off society has been built, and the new journey of building socialist modernization has been opened. We must always give the people to the new look of good life as the starting point and the foothold, consciously actively solve the regional gap, urban and rural gap, income gap, etc. Adhere to the development of the people’s livelihood, pay more attention to tilt to the rural, grassroots, underdeveloped regions, let high quality development results and sunshine.

Need to adhere to people’s comprehensive development.

This is the fundamental value of Marxism, but also the meaning of "adhering to the people’s first" topic. In the new era, we must better meet the growing diversified multi-level needs of the people in economic, political, cultural, social, ecology, etc., and constantly activate people’s initiative. Creative, constantly promoting people’s comprehensive development.

History is like a tide, the avenue is like.

Adhere to the people’s first, the 100-year-old party has not changed through the vicissitudes, and the natural color is still in the new era, will win more great victories and glory on the new era. (Author: Tian Peng Ying, Department of Marxism, Northeastern University, "Ministry of Education" Changjiang Scholar "special professor) (Editor: Wan Peng, Lephen).