Chen Peiqiu’s book exhibition in Beijing opened "Memorial" commemorating the anniversary

  • 28/03/2022
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  Chen Peiqiu "business" 2016 Huiyi International is available in China Beijing October 24th (Reporter Ni) Chen Peiqiu Deyi Shuangxin, is a milestone in the contemporary Chinese painting.

"Missing – Qiyuan Collection Chen Peiqiu Painting and Calligraphy" is officially opened in Beijing Huayi Space on the 24th, which is the third stop after Shanghai Station and Guangzhou Station.

  Chen Peiqiu "鸯 花" 1958 Huiyi International is awarded in 1960 Chen Peiqiu became one of the first young artists of Shanghai Chinese Painting Institute. In 2014, she won the 6th Shanghai Literary Art Award for Lifelong Achievement Award. Her works have a reputation at home and abroad, and is known as "the truth of the Song Dynasty", and today, Mr. Chen Peiqiu is also. "Exhibition scene Huayi International is a map Chen Peiqiu in the early 1940s early admission into the southwest As a result of the group, when the country’s painter gathered, she sent a lot of paintings, and the eyes were open, so they re-investigated the Chongqing Guoti Art, and I found Xie Zhiliu. The style of the style of the style. It is different from the way to distinguish between flowers and birds, landscapes, paintings, calligraphy or chronicle. This exhibition passes the story of the main clues through nearly 40 works of Mr. Chen Peiqiu, the late generations of friends. On the occasion of the anniversary, the "Mervilings" of "Qiyuan" owner Liu Qi’s "Mergent", and the image of this in art is insisting, the life rate is really exquisite, and the image of delicate and warm masters in the friendship is presented in front of the public.

  The exhibition covered Chen Peiqiu’s 50-70s in the 1970s until the old bird, landscape and other subject matter.

In the 1950s, Chen Peiqiu specially got a flower and bird, taking the law two Song, using the pen and hooked, with the heavy color, the works have both Song people’s strength, and pure and elegant style.

"鸯 花" is the work of this period, and later gave Liu Qi at a special machine, send a good wish. According to Xie Dingwei, Xie Dingwei, Chen Peiqiu, "This painting published a daily painting in 1958, with her usual creation, the structure is relatively solid, four flat and eight stable, bright color, big size, should be specialized for the annual painting creation鸯, bird, tree, apricot, etc. Ink, colorful written, created the new style of Chinese paintings combined with ink.

  In a visit, Chen Peiqiu wrote a big "read" word for Liu Qi, and he did two points below.

She said, "What do you want to think about it, think people think about you.

Liu Qi said that this is the original intention of his own exhibition. She said: I have to be more energetic, this thing is not good, I tear off the re-painting, I must paint the best, satisfied … she is still in the age of ninety. "It is reported that the exhibition will last until October 28.