In the late autumn, we will assist the country to revitalize the country.

  • 01/04/2022
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On October 19th, the CPPCC, the Political Consultative Conference organized by the Welcome District, Shanxi Province, held the "welcome to consult", and conference on "rural infrastructure construction, comprehensive assistive rural resolution" issued consultations, part of the Political Consultative Conference, The village "two committees" cadres, village representatives and the relevant departments of the relevant departments participated in the meeting.

The meeting heard Haozhuang Town to improve rural infrastructure, improved the development of rural people’s environmental work, and the village "two committees" cadres and village representatives have put forward themselves around the relevant situation of infrastructure construction such as water, electricity, gas and transportation. Opinions and recommendations, the CPPCC member has added feasibility and advice on how to join the scientific and technological concepts of rural infrastructure, how to combine cultural, education, sports, and economic development, and put forward the ideas and methods of solving problems.

The relevant responsible comrades of traffic, industrial, agriculture, and water, etc. are listening carefully to the opinions and recorded in detail, indicating that they will actively dock the relevant units, take effective measures, and effectively help the villagers to solve the "rush to expect" question. The meeting pointed out that it is necessary to improve the construction of rural infrastructure as promoting the priority development of agricultural rural areas. + 7 + X "platform construction, to contribute the strength of the political agreement in rural infrastructure.

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