Fuquan Town: Improve the economic benefits of national storage projects

This newspaper (Reporter Zhang Tao Lu Taiming) Eternal Winter Festival, Fuxing Village, Fuxing Village, Luping Town, Fuquan City, Fuxing Village, Forest Reform Pipe + 楠 + 松苓 项目 Project Base Inner Skull Epimedium Great, loosened Harvest. "100 acres of Emperor Epimedium planted in January this year can be harvested around November next year.

In May of this year, 350 acres of Susqui is 350 in January or February next year, it will be harvested by 3 million yuan. Yang Xiubin, the stationmaster of Luping Town Forestry Station, said.

As a demonstration point of Fuquan City, Fujin City, Luping Town, Fuquan, completed the construction of National Storage Project and Near 10,000 mu, introduced 8 companies, using "Double Company + Village Cooperative + Farmers" Organization, Planting Dragon Thurs Zhang 500 mu, 100 mu of Epimedium, 800 mu of Song Duary, 1200 mu, Huang Jing, the forest breeding area of ??765 mu, nourish the chicken. By the binding, the economic benefits of the national storage project are improved by the long-term binding, in the short-term manner.

At the same time, Luping Town provides labor services to the construction unit through Lin Di, and the shareholding and economic cooperative community is expected to promote farmers forest land to create a revise of 4.7 million yuan. The accumulated cooperative economic economy has reached 450,000 yuan, and the mass workers increasing 9 million yuan.

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