Huang Xiaoming: Heart guardian community safe

  Police Star Archive: Huang Xiaoming, male, born in June 1977, in 1996, was a police station of the East Gate of Luohu Branch, Shenzhen Public Security Bureau

From the police, Huang Xiaoming won the honor of personal awards in the municipal bureau. In the Huiling Community, the masses of the jurisdiction often saw the burly Huang Xiaoming on duty in the intersection, patrolling in the street, at night, and when he came to the night, he was another anti-glute, the police light flashed, guarding the community Safety.

  As a community police, Huang Xiaoming puts the troubles of the residents of the jurisdiction, and difficult things in the heart, and give the residents’ most thoughtful and warm help in the legal policy.

He took everyday visit as a tenth of police people, patiently preaching laws and regulations, enthusiastically handled residents’ help and disputes, and met safely and inspected reminders. When the residents of the jurisdiction have been solved, they always think of Huang Xiaoming for the first time, find him Q & A, and seek help.

  On June 9, last year, the residents Zhang went to the Huangshou Police Department to find Huang Xiaoming, saying that it received a summons from the court, and the mobile phone SMS showed that bank loans were overdue.

During the speech, Zhang was very nervous. He told Huang Xiaoming intended to transfer according to the way the other party provided. After understanding the situation, Huang Xiaoming believes that this is a fraud scam, discouraged him to easily believe in various network frauds, and patiently explained the fraud method of this type of fraud case, preventive measures, etc., eventually, successfully avoided the property loss of the masses .

  "There are many people who have a similar problem for help, and the community work is to protect the peace and protect the interests of the masses." Huang Xiaoming said. On August 5, last year, Huang Xiaoming took the team to see a suspected stray man next to a bus station in the jurisdiction. So he immediately inquired. After multi-party query, he finally contacted the man’s family. The man’s family called it in the phone for more than ten years and has been looking for a result.

On the afternoon, the man’s family rushed to pick it up.

Its family has expressed their gratitude to Huang Xiaoming many times: "Thank you for the Shenzhen police, I found some years of my family.

"" Community Police Work is to be fine. "

Going to the masses, listen to the people’s heart, can do work well, and let the people explain the matter. Huang Xiaoming said.

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