Hubei Yicheng: Recommendation Let the paper "soft text" become a rigid "hard constraint"

  • 23/04/2022
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"The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspiration has been investigated by the administrative punishment problem of the education system transferred by the public security organ. It is now based on the discipline inspection suggestion to your unit …" Recently, the Yicheng Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee of the Yichang Committee of Hubei Province The Fourth Examination Monitoring Group came to the Municipal Education Bureau, and he read the discipline inspection proposal for rectification of drunk driving violations.

Not long ago, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission sent the fourth Ji Ji Inspection and Supervision Team to conduct a row of drunk driving issues transferred by the public security organ to conduct an inversion, deep digging education system, Weijian system, the supply and marketing agency and other units and other units, etc. The "four winds" issues issued discipline instructions to the relevant units, and urged the unit to rule the disease, caught the rectification, and tangent to the drunk driving problem of party members and cadres.

In order to make the paper "soft text" becomes a "hard constraint" this year, the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection is based on the positioning of responsibilities, find the entry point and power point, compaction rectification responsibility, and do the mind to make details. The second half of the article is in the case of a case. In response to the prominent problems found in the petition, inspection and inspection, supervision and inspection, review and investigation, I adhere to a case, one case, a case, a warning, a case of rectification, etc. In-depth analysis of the same field, the same position, the same type case, in detail, through the presence of the presence, sign, and immediately state, etc., the discipline inspection and supervision proposal as an oversight device that enlarges the shock effect, and urge the involvement unit Find the root of the problem, accurate Member, plugging the vulnerability, and remove the root.

Opening a meticulous prescription is more effective.

The Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission surveyed the implementation of discipline inspection supervision, in order to "look back", on-site supervision, the Municipal Inspection and Monitoring Group, jointly supervise, joint supervision, and build a full-time supervision and construction of the proposal. Rectifying the implementation – Tracking Quitment – Regular Sales No. "Supervision and closed loop, and the relevant units and individuals who implement" walking ", implement" discount ", seriously accountable, resolutely not let the problem sink, make sure to make Discipline Inspection and Supervision Recommendation "Throwing Sound".

"Next, we will continue to use the use of good discipline inspection and supervision, compaction the subject responsibility of the supervised unit, targeted the treatment, and resolutely prevent the bounce tide of similar issues, and truly play the root, the purpose of the management.

"The main person in charge of the Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission said. Since this year, the Yinjian Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission has issued 13 discipline inspection proposals, 8 discipline inspection and supervision proposals, and urged the relevant departments to find 65 honest risk points, improve the system 49 item.

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