Guangxi Daxin arrived at the T-ranks of the Qiang Expressway Harma 2

On August 29th, with the final T beam, it was completed on the support, the SMS No. 2 bridge T beams, including the four companies, built four companies, completed a solid step for the implementation of the main line.

Ha Shug No. 2 Bridge is 128 meters long, left a total of 4 across, right and 3 vertex, a total of 35 prefabricated T beams.

During the construction, in order to ensure the safety, precision, smooth completion of the bridge, the project is planned, carefully organized, scientifically manage, reasonably optimize the resource allocation, close attention to safety quality, continuously strengthen the management and control in the construction process, strictly implement the pre-job safety training and technologyThe system is made to ensure that the T beam successfully completed the setup.Guangxi Daxin to Tongxiang Expressway is about 146 kilometers, and it will further improve the interactive level of Guangxi and ASEAN countries. It has accelerated Guangxi to build "Nanxiang, Beilian, Dongren, Xishi" all-round open development pattern.Significance.(Yanglu photography report) (Editor: Chen Lulu, Ye Bin) Share more people see.