Henan Yixian: Little beaded "string" big happiness

"If you are a dream, we are now alive.

Follow Dream Qian, the dream can be realized.

"Recently, in the three groups of Chen Mengqian, three groups of Wangjie Township, Wangji Township, Pingdingshan City, Henan Province, busy wearing beads, processing headdress, said.

At 8 o’clock in the morning, Chen Mengqian’s family workshop was lively.

Chen Mengqian places a single order to the villagers, one side to direct other people packaging.

After the arrangement, everyone struggled to take their heads and worked. "Let’s take a wage, no one will be lazy.

"Li Yue Ling said with a smile.

Chen Mengqian was 27 years old, and his family was in the nearby Changqiao Town Yu Chen Village.

After graduating from the beginning of 2008, she followed the relatives to work in a garment factory in Zhejiang Province.

"Dry one day, back pain, wage is not high." Chen Mengqian said, during this period, she heard that learning makeup prospects is good, so I follow my friends to learn makeup in Jiangsu Province.

After a while, she found that the bride took a wedding photo or the headdress wearing the wedding.

"To achieve your dream, you have to take out practical action.

"Chen Mengqian said that after the job work is busy every day, she tried to process a wide range of headdress. I didn’t expect the product very popular. In 2017, Chen Mengqian married, and she decided to return to the hometown." The family left behind the woman. " The recruitment is not a problem, and the hospital does not have to rent a rent, and the logistics is also convenient. "Chen Mengqian said that the factory will recruit 6 left-behind women. Gu family earns two incorrectly, more and more women workers attracted in the workshop, from 6 to 20, then 30, 3 years later 70. Chen Mengqian’s sales model also turned from the original pure WeChat sales into Taobao shop, WeChat, shake, spelling more synchronously. "When more than 400 pieces were shipped a day, there were less than 200 pieces.

"Chen Mengqian said on one side." Next, I will continue to expand the size of the workshop, and give more sisters to provide positions, and everyone ‘weaving’ happiness.

Chen Mengqian said.

(Zhang Hongyu, a propaganda department of the county and county committee) (Editor: Hou Linlin, Xu Chi).