Hunan Ecological Environment New Technology Forum Interpretation Technology Development Situation Focus Green Economic Development Direction

  • 09/05/2022
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2021 The 3rd Hunan Ecological Environment New Technology Forum started in Changsha.

The reporting unit is mapped by Changsha, on October 24th (Reporter Lin Luo) "Hunan is based on the" one river and four water "system organization, based on pollution prevention and control, the summer offensive, etc. Good central ecological environmental protection supervision and feedback on the rectification, Dongting Lake Governance, Xiangjiang Protection and Governance, We hope to use this forum for the construction of ecological civilization and economic growth in Hunan Province, the economic high quality green development.

On October 23, the second-level inspector of Hunan Provincial Ecological Environment Department came to Jianshen to participate in the "Innovation Hunan Green Sanxiang" theme activities and the 3rd Hunan Ecological Environment New Technology Forum.

This forum is one of the major activities of the Hunan International Green Development Expo. It is aimed to better summarize the promotion of scientific and technological innovation. The new path of the connection, interpreting the development trend of new ecological environment, focusing on the direction of green economic development. In the forum, the relevant leaders and experts scholars from domestic and foreign industrial parks, the intersection enterprises, and everyone will focus on the development of Hunan industrial parks through the development of Hunan Industrial Park, and promote the standardization, industrialization, scale of Hunan ecological environment. Thereby helping Hunan green development to produce a positive and significant impact. On-site, the former vice chairman of the Hunan Provincial Political Consultative Conference, China Intelligent Control Discipline, Cai Zixing, the founder of Cai Zhexing, the main point of view of "artificial intelligence to promote green ecological environment construction", through introducing artificial intelligence to help environmental protection and control, smart city construction, security and Disaster relief, etc., bringing a science lecture that gave participants with artificial intelligence to change the surrounding environment. "Science and technology innovation and artificial intelligence are of great significance for promoting and supporting high quality development of green ecological environment." Cai Zincheng said that artificial intelligence core technology will promote green ecological environment construction, promote the global economic, social, people’s livelihood, environmental harmony and sustainable development .

This forum is the theme of "Three High Four New Innovation Future Green Development Yao Sanxiang" and "Science and Technology Help Ecological Environment High Quality Development", experts and scholars jointly put the high-quality development of the pulse, focus on green innovation, and pay attention to the direction of green economy .

Entrepreneurs interpret the development trend of ecological environment, deep digging green development pain points, explore new pathways of low-carbon green development, explore industrialized green practice valuable experience. Hunan Cample Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. (Huasheng Technology) Marketing Director, Hunan Joint Kitchen Waste Treatment Co. Guo Lin, the technical director of Yutang Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., shared the practical experience of enterprise application advanced ecological environment technology, showing the realistic picture of new ecological environment new technology applications.

All entrepreneurs explain the latest achievements of the fresh-filled water more pure and clean, the industrial solid waste treatment technology, industry solid waste treatment technology, the fine management of hazardous waste treatment, from the theoretical height to the promotion of Hunan Innovation Development, from practice The level has brought you a valuable experience in the industry and the frontier scientific and technological achievements. 4 enterprises such as Sky, Sanyou Environmental Protection, etc. also surrounded by school enterprise cooperation experience promotion and results.

Zhou Yihui, General Manager of the Eco-Equipment Division of Aerospace Kaitian Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd., said: "Enterprises have achieved more flexible transformation, and research and development teams through the construction of ‘1 + 1 + N’ school-enterprise cooperation with research institutes and colleges. It has self-hematopoietic function. After this experience promotion, the production of school research can be rapidly landed quickly.

"Subsequently, the expert enterprise armed for experts around the advanced technology promotion, how to deep-cultivate environmentally friendly segment, comprehensive use of the resources of all parties, adhere to the problems such as conscience enterprises, and get advanced experience in viewpoint collision, ideological sharing, Innovative Hunan Juzhi, enhancing green Hunan.

Among them, Wo Bang environmental protection shared "VFL high-efficiency vertical swirl + net natural biological enzyme + Wao Zhiqi disinfection system" technology, and Liu Junliang, the Chairman of Wo Bang, Environmental Protection Chair, said: "We I hope to strengthen the process development, design and production of ecological environment technology, seize this rare opportunity, improve technical level, strengthen their own strength, create core brands, leading technology progress.

"It is understood that" Innovation Hunan Green Sanxiang "Theme Activity and 2021 The 3rd Hunan Ecological Environment New Technology Forum Activities, Hunan Daily, Hunan Ethics Institute, Hunan Innovation Development Research Institute, Changsha Ecological Environment Protection Industry Association These units lead, from the government departments, college research institutions and enterprises from the Hunan Environmental Protection Area, and the company represents more than 200 people. In late November, "Innovation Hunan Green Tianxin" achievement exhibition and "innovation Hunan Green Sanxiang" academician experts The series of activities such as the District Director, the theme forum, and the round table dialogue will also be held in Tianxin District, Changsha City. Everyone will visit the district to adhere to the green development concept, stick to the ecological red line, and build the "ecological highland" of Rongcheng core area. (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing) Sharing Let more people see client downloads.