Seeking to understand between "dilemma", a "stomach war" in a large city

  On May 31, in Xuhui District, Shanghai, citizens performed sampling testing at the nucleic acid sampling workstation. Xinhua News Agency reporter Gioneewang is not only "eaten" in the information provided by the special class provided by the living material security class of the Shanghai Epidemic Prevention and Control Leading Group. In early May, as the circulation was improved, Shanghai citizens’ "difficult to buy vegetables" was "difficult to buy vegetables." The hotline phone complaint has fallen to about one -tenth of the peak. It is not difficult to buy food, but the new problems have gradually emerged: How to guarantee the demand for special groups? How to be more "grounded"? Shanghai establishes a special supply mechanism for emergency, and in -depth special groups such as the elderly, babies, and disabled people belonging to the grounds to achieve clear the bottom. On the e -commerce network enterprise platform, special channels need to be established to ensure the demand for living materials for special groups. Since the control, some diabetic patients have had difficulty in distribution and shortage of consumables in their homes.

According to the relevant person in charge of the producer of consumables Midunlin Greater China, under the epidemic, relying on the 24 -hour hotline telephone, the "not snoring" and cross -river transportation services relying on the corporate diabetes care, the residents can purchase consumables in fixed -point medical institutions, You can also contact the enterprise to directly order the online order through the online orders and the staff who flash to the warehouse with the order information. The demand of the old man with a large face is also a problem. Shanghai is one of the most aging cities in the country and even the world. Among the city’s household registration population, 5.33 million people over 60 years old account for%.

There are no smartphones, no group buying, and not asking for help online. The elderly cannot be a forgotten corner in the guarantee supply.

  The grass -roots organizations are rushing on the front line to find out the bottom line for each elderly person. Some community cafeterias with epidemic prevention conditions provide meals for the elderly in the community and are sent to the door by volunteers. The e -commerce platform "Ding Dong Buy" is dedicated to dozens of communities in Ouyang Road Street, Hongkou District, which is concentrated in the old residential area. The "head of the regiment" given to the elderly in the community, so that the elderly will no longer be trapped by the "digital gap". "The elderly group is the most needed and helpful group at the moment.

Hou Yi, CEO of Hema, said that the large -scale donation process takes a certain time to run through. In order to reach the elderly as soon as possible, Hema chose the approach of "free three copies". In the hands of the elderly people who really need it. Insurance work must be bought, and the price must be stabilized.

As a large city, the main consumer channels for Shanghai vegetable egg milk are sold from agricultural product wholesale markets to vegetable markets all over the cities. Commercial supermarkets and even e -commerce platforms can only be regarded as "replenishment." However, under the epidemic, the vegetable market channels are "unable to work hard", and the demand for supermarkets and e -commerce platforms with relatively higher prices suddenly spray well. Some "wild" group heads organized group purchase price "virtual high". "Campaign illegal acts are the key tasks of the market supervision department." Peng Wenhao, deputy director of the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau, said that as early as March 25, the Shanghai Market Supervision Bureau and the Shanghai Municipal Development and Reform Commission formally formulated the "Certification of the Epidemic Prevention and Control During the Prevention and Control of the Epidemium. The Guidance Opinions of Price Illegal Acts, which clearly stipulate that the price difference rate during the epidemic period should not be higher than the highest price difference rate within 7 days before (including the day), otherwise it is an illegal act of coaxing prices. As of May 31, Shanghai’s total cases were investigated and dealt with 1,181 cases of violations of laws, mainly based on prices, price fraud, price increase, and unknown price.

It is worth noting that Shanghai also issued a prompt on the "Price Act of" Community Group Purchase "during the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control." On the premise of supporting compliance with the group purchase, the unreasonable price in group purchase was investigated and dealt with the price illegal price violations of the law. There were 125 cases, including 39 cases.