Tibet small and micro customer financing platform issued loans of more than 2 billion yuan

  • 18/01/2001
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[Font:] The staff of the Lhasa Lhasa explained to the public to explain the loan business process. Recently, the reporter learned from the PICC Lhasa Sino -Branch that in order to effectively implement the "Notice on Doing a Better Prevention and Control and Economic and Social Development Financial Services" issued by the People’s Bank of China and the State Administration of Foreign Exchange. , Guide the banking financial institutions in the jurisdiction to fully implement the "23 Finance Articles", provide differentiated financial services for the trapped subjects, and help the trapped subjects through the difficulties. Zi Wangji, deputy director of the Monetary Credit Management Office of the Lhasa Lhasa, said that combined with the "Financial 23", the Lhasa Lhasa Central Branch and the Tibet Foreign Exchange Bureau jointly issued the "Opinions on the prevention and control of the financial service epidemic in the Tibet Autonomous Region and stabilizing the stability ", Aiming at the difficulty of relief in the fields of tourism, catering and accommodation industry, which is severely affected by the epidemic, requires banking financial institutions to provide differentiated financial services, propose Tibetan rescue financial service solutions, make every effort Help enterprise rescue work.

  In order to increase the promotion of the small and micro customer financing service platform of the autonomous region, the PICC Lhasa Middle Branch has designed indicators overdue, overdue, completion and other indicators in the platform, and promotes the timely connection with the platform to push the enterprise with the platform to achieve 5 days of reading and within 15 days. Complete feedback and complete within the 30th, effectively meet the characteristics of "short, frequent, and urgent" financing of small and micro enterprises, and help small and micro enterprises to solve the "urgent urgent" of corporate operations online. As of the end of the first quarter, the platform settled in 15 banking institutions, and the number of enterprises had reached 1,842. Through the platform, it issued a loan of 100 million yuan to 820 households and 82%of the acquisition rate. Essence

  It is understood that in order to help the development of small and micro enterprises in the district, the Bank of Lhasa urged banking financial institutions to publicize the authorization list and credit list to the society, clarify the approval authority of bank loans, loan application materials, time, and links. Understand the authorization of various banks and the credit process to provide windows. Small and micro enterprises can "compare three companies", and financial institutions can properly promote each other, thereby forming a virtuous circle of continuous optimization of financial services.

  In addition, it also strengthens coordination and cooperation with relevant government departments, gives full play to the advantages of information resources of the industry authority, improves the "6+1+N" financing docking list, and guides banking financial institutions Enterprises, unblock the financing channels of enterprises in the list. From the establishment of the list to the end of March, the "6+1+N" list has covered the autonomous region, city, county -level 28 -level 28 industries, 6571 enterprises or projects, and provided a total of 100 million yuan in credit funds. "In the next step, Lhasa Middle Branches will actively practice finance into the concept of the people, continue to optimize financial services, take the initiative, and innovate thinking, and actively increase the credit investment of private small and micro enterprises, help activate the vitality of the market entity, and respond to effective response. The impact of the epidemic has provided solid financial support to promote the healthy development of Tibet’s economic and social.

"Said Jiwang Heat List.