Since June 1

CCTV News on May 31. Recently, the Office of the Leading Group of the New Guan Guan Pneumonia Epidemic Extraction of Shanghai issued the "Notice on the residential residential area of ??the city’s residential communities from June 1". At present, the Shanghai outbreak has been effectively controlled, and the situation continues to improve.

According to the overall arrangement of the continuous consolidation of the prevention and control of the epidemic, the overall arrangement of the order of normal production and living order, after research and decision of the Office of the Leading Group of the New Crown Pneumonia Epidemic Prevention and Control Work, the residential community will be restored in an orderly manner from 00:00 on June 1, 2022. The announcement of related matters such as access, public transport operations and motor vehicle traffic is as follows: 1. Residential communities resumed.

Except for the high -risk areas and the seal -controlled areas, control areas, control areas, districts, streets, and residential village committees, industry committees, and property companies shall not limit the villagers living in the community for any reason.

Second, public transportation resume operations.

The restoration of the entire city of the city on the mainland of the city is basically operated on the entire network, and the Jiangchao (including the Sanjima Passenger Transport) is resumed in an orderly manner. Third, motor vehicles are resumed. Terminate the implementation of the motor vehicle electronic passage system, and the cruise taxi and online car rental are restored to normal operation. Except for medium and high -risk areas and seal control areas, control areas, and control areas, private cars and units travel normally. For driving motor vehicles in and out of the city road, it is implemented in accordance with the existing regulations. It is hoped that the general public will continue to do personal protection, keep in mind the "three -piece set" and "five more", standardize wearing masks, maintain social distance, do not gather, do not pile, strengthen self -health monitoring, and seek medical treatment in a timely manner; Virus vaccines, consciously abide by the various epidemic prevention regulations such as nucleic acid testing and sweeping the "place code", jointly build a solid barrier for the prevention and control of the epidemic, and jointly protect the city’s homes together.