Song of workers on black land: 70 years of cumulative production of nearly 1 trillion kg of food

  • 24/01/2001
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  The people create history and work to create the future. Looking back at the road, generations of Chinese Communists united and led the Chinese people to work together, creating one -time miracle of the historical book one after another, writing a magnificent epic of the mountains and rivers.

  Because of labor creation, we have the glory of history; because of labor creation, we have achieved today’s achievements.

From today, this edition has launched the "Miracle Born here" column, telling the glorious story of countless heroes, hundreds of millions of people in various departments, various fronts, and various industries to create miracles to inspire every ordinary and great struggle. In every ordinary and great position, it is harvested with sweat, moving forward with hard work, and constantly writing the song of workers in the new era. The car shop Sanjiang Plain is just the time of the rice pairing of rice. The people in the farmland dripped, and the black earth was gone with a tender green gauze.

  The rushing rush from the west and eastward, it was merged into the Wusi River. Comrades in the reclamation area of ??the same hosted that this is the appearance of "Beida Wilderness" at the beginning of the reclamation. The people create history and work to create the future.

The development and construction of more than 70 years, a generation of generations continued to fight here. The "Beida Wilderness" named after barrenness has become my country’s important commodity grain base and grain strategy backup base. "For more than 70 years, Peking University has produced a total of 100 million pounds of food and sold goods to the country. The comprehensive production capacity of food has stabilized for more than 40 billion kg for 11 consecutive years, and has made significant contributions to the Chinese people’s rice bowls." Peking University Wang Shoucong, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Desert Nonggu Group Co., Ltd. said.

  Smooth into the wasteland to pour sweat from the wetland to south from the scratching river wetland to the shore of Xingkai Lake. "An ancient wasteland, no one, the thorns, the cluster of thorns, the beast’s habitat … 1947 AD, the reclamation of the wasteland advanced.

"The inscription Bing Bingzhang brought the thoughts of the reporter back to the age of how hard it was.

  In 1947, in response to the great call of Chairman Mao’s "establishing a consolidated Northeast base", the people’s army from Yan’an came into the North Wilderness and awakened the sleeping wasteland.

  "The team leader said‘ to ’. We looked around, and we were everywhere. There was nothing except a big tree.

"At the beginning, Li Huaicun, a retired employee of the seven -star farm at the end of the year, still remembers the memory. The veteran soldiers who transferred from the army in 1966 to Beida Desert had taken root in the local area for more than half a century.

  Rejuvenating officers and soldiers, supporting youths, and urban knowledge … In the past few decades, nearly one million reclamation army rushed to the northeast corner of the motherland, incorporated sweat into the wilderness, and poured black soil with youth. "Get up at 3:30 early, and return to the star.

With frozen ravioli, the snowflake soup was meals.

Walking on the road of entrepreneurship, I am not afraid of all difficulties … "During the interview, Li Huaicun snorted the ballads of the year." Revolutionary ideals are higher than heaven, and harsh nature and material conditions have not shrunk us.

"In the past, Beida Wilderness, nowadays, from the end of the nationwide foothills of Xing’an Ling, Songnen Plain to the Sanjiang Plain, the former uninhabited virgin land, today Liangtian Lianlian, forest belt intersect, urban chess, the annual output of food jumped from 100 million pounds in the early days of reclamation to 2021 to 2021 More than 46 billion pounds. Today, Beida Wastest provided nearly 14%of the goods of the country with a national arable land area. Later, he decided to switch to the technician of the Chahyang Farm Agricultural Machinery Service Center.

What the report was reported was the story of Liang Jun, the first female tractor in New China.

  In 1948, the Heilongjiang Provincial Party Committee held a tractor training course with more than 70 students in the class, only a girl in Liang Jun. Weeds are taller than people, and they are all dry tangs.

In the wilderness, Liang Jun ate cooked potatoes, drank ditch water, slept in a tent, and often encountered a beast at night … After reporting, Liang Jun’s story of reclamation spread all over the world.

Female students continued to come to Beida Wilderness, forming the first women’s tractor fleet in my country, and Liang Jun was the captain. From the tractor to college students, to agricultural technical experts, for more than half a century, Liang Jun’s labor spirit inspired countless people to dream of North Wilderness.

  Li Yang’s grandfather Liu Fengshan, after graduating from college in 1961, went to the Chahayang Farm, which Liang Jun had reclaimed to report, and became an agricultural machine.

  "Use agricultural machinery to rake the ground, and rely on the eyes to command.

"As a" old handle "for 45 years of agricultural machinery, Liu Fengshan recalled that when he just worked in those years, everyone was" plowing after plowing "-the tractor only trapped, and people followed the wooden plow. Essence

  "The new equipment came out one after another, and the horsepower of the agricultural machinery also turned over." Li Yang’s father Li Haifu joined the work in 1983 and witnessed the rapid improvement of the mechanization rate of the reclamation area. The homework no longer uses the "face facing the loess and facing the sky ‘. However, the hard work spirit of the hard work of the year cannot be lost." Today, the Beidou satellite navigation is becoming the "sky" of agricultural machinery operations. "After setting up AB, the agricultural machinery can operate automatically, accurate and straight, the driver only needs to turn around." In the past few days, Li Yang was busy to correct the parameters on the computer. The remaining information reflects the information of the locomotive operation in a form, which can better lose damage.

  Looking at the statue of Liang Jun on the main road of the farm, Li Yang said: "The spirit of Beida Wilderness is the baton, which will be passed on from generation to generation.

"The overall situation of serving the situation was courageous on April 14, and a series of special columns with 3,000 tons of rice emerged from Harbin to Shanghai to help the epidemic prevention and control.

"After 36 hours of uninterrupted production, we successfully completed the processing tasks of 500 tons of high -quality rice," said the person in charge of Beidahuang Rice Industry Group Co., Ltd. said. "Heilongjiang Reclamation District was born due to national strategy. People in the reclamation area always take the guarantee of the protection of national food security and important agricultural products as their responsibility, and obey the national situation.

"Wang Shoucong said.

  During the anti -SARS in 2003, Beidahuang Rice Industry Group set a record of 7 days to ship for 20,000 tons of high -quality rice to Beijing, which relieved the capital tension in the capital; in 2008, the Wenchuan earthquake and the drought of the five provinces in Southwest China in 2010, Beida Wilder Rice Industry during the drought of the North Wilderness Industry. Emergency processing and transportation of 2,400 tons and 10,000 tons, respectively, effectively guarantee the food supply in the disaster area … Wang Cuixian, deputy secretary of the party committee of Peking University Wilderness Agricultural Service Group, introduced.

  Entering the Peking Wilderness Museum, a 25 -meter -long copper wall is thought -provoking, and the name of more than 10,000 pioneers is engraved on the wall.

"This is only part of it. Since the development of the Peking University of Wilderness, a total of more than 50,000 people have been sleeping in this black land.

"The interpreter introduced that" more than 70 years of wind and rain, and the grand chapter has created a grand chapter. The layers of wheat waves on the earth every year are a song of workers written on the black soil. "The real life is pioneering. Those who are aspirations are achieved. With a strong career, life can be fulfilled, the spirit is susceptible, the difficulties can be overcome, and the peak can be climbed. "—— Zhang Yuanpei is known as" the father of Peking University milk cow "." I am not wealthy, nor is it a rich man. I can wear a pair of rubber shoes for decades. Ten thick notes, but in order to develop the rice industry in the reclamation area, I would be willing. What is the picture of a person’s life? I have a career and ideal. My picture is to allow every Chinese to eat the sweet and sweet rice. "—— Xu Yirong was known as" the father of Peking University Desert "." At that time, there were a lot of food piled on the sun. Because this is the country, none of us moved alone.

" -Kong Dexi, the food custodian of the eighty -five -three farms. In the 1960s, food became the country’s shortage of supplies.

He kept the grain pile day and night, and he had never moved a grain of food even if he was hungry for a long time.

  "Communists can only consciously adapt to the revolution and must not ask the revolution to adapt to themselves.

"——The Zhang Wenzhong, as an old soldier who participated in the Long March of 25,000 miles, struggled for a lifetime in Beidahuang." Hard work, vowed to become a mountains. "—— Sun Junfu, Ning’an Farm Workers. In the mountains without electricity and cultural life, a total of 480,000 trees were planted from 1976 to 1995, with a total area of ??1480 acres, creating more than 16 million yuan for the country." Peking University. Wilderness, Hongqiyang, good scenery, producing the army on the battlefield.

Raise with bare hands, empty fists, naked heads, exposed spine, real brother, good lady! Grass buildings, reeds as walls, reeds discount salary, grass shine, grass pavement, reed bed. Today, the grass is the owner of the people. Yesterday, the grass was placed as the king … The blue stalks of the road were very meritorious. Point soybeans, sorghum, high rice rice, wheat yellow.

Winter is not cold, autumn is not cold, insects are not painful, sun -burning is not hurt, and it is not rough food and fine food. People are strong … What is labor production? What is socialist construction? What is the opening of Beida Waste? It’s not cold, where is the fragrance of plums? Isn’t it toil? If you do not suffer from human beings early, why not be nervous about 650 million people! … He Jiazi, He’s Niang, how heroes are, the first to open the North Wilderness.

Not surprising, too ordinary, a group of young children, how many years, and the party, leaving the party, rising energy, without him.

"—— Nie Yan crossbow" Peking University Wild Song "(Editor in charge: Liu Xiaoxiao).