The good epidemic affects sales, what should I do? A message solution

Reply Screenshot Ms. Zhao is very satisfied with the results of the processing.

She said: "At first, I didn’t tell the village. I didn’t know the situation in the village. After understanding this situation, the leaders in the village, town, and county helped contact. Now it has been resolved. The stranded eggs are sold out." The netizen said: "Thank you very much for the leaders of the county and town, and the secretary of Wang Hao (Dalu The help is very large, thank all the leaders for their help.

"The reporter contacted Wang Hao, the head of Dachen Tower, Fenghuang Town. He said:" After learning about this, he felt that the people were very anxious and wanted to find ways to help them make these slow -selling eggs as soon as possible. The town leaders also attach great importance to it. Using various channels to help sell these slow -selling eggs. The town leaders are still publishing news in the love group. After seeing the news of the love group, many caring people have stretched out the help of assistance. It’s almost the same. Because of the epidemic, we are not convenient for travel. We sent a special person. After the vehicle disinfected, the point -to -point contact was reduced to reduce the flow of personnel.

"In the end, Ms. Zhao said:" People’s Daily’s leadership message board is particularly good! When there are some problems, I do n’t know where to reflect, and when I do n’t know where to solve it, there is such a platform that is very good! (Editor -in -chief: Liu Yingjie, Xing Manhua) Share let more people see recommended reading.